What exactly do Baby Boomers want? Baby Boomers have driven every product, industry and trend since the term was coined just after World War II. So now the leading edge of Baby Boomers are in their sixties and they are not the least bit interested in "Slowing Down or Getting Old".

Most important to this population is a need to be healthy and to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. How are they accomplishing this? Contrary to popular belief about retirement (according to a survey done by TD Canada Trust ) an astonishing 54 per cent of Boomers worldwide nearing retirement had either started or are contemplating starting a small business. Baby Boomers are painfully aware of the damage done to this planet and a legacy for their children includes a need to be aligned with companies, philosophies and products that respect our environment.

Healthy Children need Healthy Adults to have a Healthy World.

We offer solutions to the very issues that drive Baby Boomers by offering a lifestyle and business model for thriving (not just scraping by) in the 21st century. Our model based on community, co-operation and connection with the health of our planet and future generations is foremost in our minds and how we honour the NIKKEN Founding Principle of "Humans Being More".

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Nikken Independant Wellness Consultant.






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