Achieve Goals | How to Be a Goal Achiever Every Day

by Nadine Staaf

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Have you tried to achieve goals and failed? Do you think you may not be able to achieve goals like some other people seem to be able to? Let me explain to you about how I began to achieve goals (I wasn’t always a goal achiever, but then I decided to be one and over time, I am mastering the skill- yes, it’s a skill, and yes- we can all always learn more.) Here we go!

achieve goals every time

Improve your thinking and improve your whole life.

*For the purposes of this article, I have decided to focus on finances, but you could apply the same techniques to any area of your life for improved results.

Achieve Goal by Thinking Beneficial Thoughts

What kinds of thoughts are occupying the space in your energy field? The reason I say “energy field” and not “brain” is that oftentimes, your surroundings are doing your thinking for you (television, radio, music, friends, family members, pastors, teachers, etc.) Your surroundings have a strong voice and they can overpower your inner voice when your inner voice is quieted. You CAN learn to increase the volume of your inner voice, though (it’s part of the skill of learning how to achieve goals!)

Do you spend time with yourself, looking at your thoughts and deciding which thoughts serve you and which thoughts are holding you back? It’s simpler than it sounds, but it takes consistency.

achieve goals

You don’t need to want to create the kinds of things that Henry Ford created in order to achieve goals and live the kind of life you want to live. Everyone wants to live their best life, but the truth is that most people don’t even really know what that “best life” looks like to them.

Anyone who has made great achievements in the world will tell you that “you become what you think about.” Since that’s true, wouldn’t it be super duper imperative to spend time creating the most helpful thought patterns for yourself?

Achieve Goals by Changing Thought Patterns

Some people see “brainwash” as a negative thing (as depicted in film, I suppose). I am going to be totally candid and tell you that I made the conscious decision to brainwash myself with new information- information that’s not taught in school and wasn’t a part of my upbringing. Why?

Here’s why: There’s a different way of thinking, when you want to achieve your hopes, dreams, wishes, and goals. I changed the way I was thinking about the world, and I am still changing the way I think so that I can reach my next goal(s). By knowing what I need to think so that I can be my version of financially successful, I can make those thought pattern changes step-by-step.

Goal-achieving is quite different from goal-setting. When you understand the power of your thoughts, you will probably agree with me that brainwashing is an effective method of creating new thoughts and thus achieving new goals.


We are all auditory learners to some degree, so I make sure to listen to a lot of audiobooks. For people who like to have a book in their hand, these are the books I suggest you purchase and study, everyday. Be open to learning and ingesting these new ideas and spend time with these ideas (one day doesn’t cut it when you’re creating new thought patterns). Mix it up between listening, reading, watching, and speaking (affirmations). Basically, if you believe negative things about financial success, then it’s pretty difficult to achieve financial success.

Here is an audio version of The Science of Getting Rich:


You may have heard the term “Vision Board” or “Dream Board” before. In essence, a vision board is a collection of the pictures that make your dream more of a reality. When you see the pictures, you feel closer to what you want in your life. It also helps you remember what you are working to achieve.

There is also understanding around “the law of attraction”, but I won’t get into that law, here, too much. It comes down to the fact that we become what we think about, what we believe to be true, what we listen to, etc. This is a scientific understanding, although it may also be reflected in your personal religious beliefs- I’m not sure about religion, but I encourage you to do what proves itself for you!


When I was a child, my mother introduced my brother and I to Louise L. Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. In that, she expresses the power of affirmations. I listen to her  Self-Esteem Affirmations audio just as I am going to sleep at night. When I’m out for a walk, I will also listen to it as well. Why? Because the only way I am going to KNOW that I can achieve my goals is if I have positive beliefs about myself. Do this daily and you will notice a difference (or at least other people will notice a difference in you).

Incrementally Increasing Your Goals

December 2013

I had a major breakthrough in November of 2013. I decided “I am not satisfied with the level of business I am achieving, so I am going to change it. I am going to help 5 people in December become healthier, so that means I am going to earn 5 New customers in December.” What happened?

January 2014

At the end of December, I looked at my results and YES- I achieved my goal. What did this mean? It meant that YES- I could achieve my goals. Somehow, I didn’t believe before that point that I could actually do what I set out to do. Knowing that I could achieve my goals by intending them to be so and working with my goal in mind, I said “in January, I am going to double my December customer number and earn 10 New customers.” And…

February 2014

At the end of January, I looked at January’s results and I had done MORE than my goal of 10 new customers. I had done 12 new customers and had some people looking for more information on the business and the products. So, you guessed it- I said “I will do 20 New customers in February.” I believed I could do it and I did it. Seriously- I believed that I would do it and I worked with my goal in mind. I didn’t work that much harder…I just worked smarter (with my goal in mind and the knowingness that I would achieve it).

March 2014

Then, March came around. I didn’t believe I could get 50 New customers. I just didn’t. For some reason, 50 New customers felt far-fetched. So, I didn’t achieve 50 new Customers, but I did achieve MORE than 22 New customers, and new consultants started in my business, and I had repeat customers, so things were going in the correct direction. Do you see the power of belief?

April 2014

For April, I set a different goal. I decided on a Volume goal that I would achieve, rather than a customer number. I surpassed my volume number by 1,000 points, so this month- I made a bigger goal. Here we go! I am excited!

Confidence in Your Ability to Create Your Life

Let me ask you this: If I KNOW deep in the core of my being that YOU can achieve your goals, whatever they may be…Then, wouldn’t it be logical to accept the fact that YOU CAN begin to believe in yourself, too? This is how I have built my self confidence in goal-achieving (of course I still have more to learn, but this can really help you, no matter what your goals are):

  • I made the decision that I wouldn’t live in mediocrity. What does this mean? I firmly decided that I would achieve more for my life and my family. I want my family to have all the positive worldly experiences that money can buy and that money cannot buy. I want other people to have what they want for their lives, too. I made the decision- that’s the most important step!

“What I want for myself, I want for Everybody.” - Jones of Toledo

Understand Your Personal Power: You Choose

What initiated my understanding that I am the person in charge of my success or failure in achieving my goals was a 2-day program called Humans Being More. It took me years to understand the shift that occurred during and after that program, but I see it now more clearly. I “woke up”, so to speak, to the fact that I can have, do, and be everything I want for my life. This is HUGE, so I encourage you to find a Humans Being More in your area so that you can have some “ah ha” moments that could change your whole perception of yourself and your life. Learn, apply, set goals and achieve goals!

Achieve Goals | How to Be a Goal Achiever Every Day

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