Benefits of Negative Ions: The Finest in Health Technology

by Nadine Staaf

in KenkoAir Purifier

benefits of negative ionsThe benefits of negative ions are clear: spend time in nature and feel better. People can experience the benefits of negative ions when they are in nature and when they are exposed to the right kinds of technologies which produce negative ions.

If the doctor could prescribe something better than a pill, I bet it would be a prescription for nature because don’t you feel a whole lot better when you are surrounded by trees, sitting by the ocean, or walking barefoot in the sand? I know that nature plays a huge positive role in my life.

What Are Negative Ions?

what are negative ions

When people think “negative ion”, they tend to think that this kind of an ion is a bad thing because it’s called “negative.” Although, the truth is not that way at all. A negative ion is simply an ion that has a negative charge to it, allowing it to behave differently than an ion with a positive charge.

Where are the Natural Benefits of Negative Ions Found?

Negative ions are produced in nature, and one example of this is when water is falling from a waterfall and the water hits the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall, thus creating negative ions. The energy that bounces off the rocks is what we feel, and it’s what we want to stay near as long as possible.

benefits of negative ions

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Another example of how negative ions are created is when waves crash against the rocks down at the ocean’s beachfront. Some kinds of natural substances produce negative ions, such as Tourmaline. Tourmaline is used in the Powerband necklaces and bracelets, mentioned later in this article.

For a more scientific-based explanation of a negative ion and what it really is, you can visit my Nikken site, which explains the whole thing better than I do. It also discusses negative ions in terms of allergy responses. Very interesting indeed! Here it is: Nikken negative ions science-based explanation.

The thing that I find most interesting about the benefits of negative ions is that anyone can experience them; adults, children, babies, and elderly.

Are there Health Benefits of Negative Ions?

benefits of negative ionsIn polluted areas, such as in city streets, people report feeling less energetic, more drained, more lethargic, and less interested in sitting down and enjoying the scenery. This draining feeling is less true in nature. Would you agree?

I have read that, in the presence of negative ions, blood cells separate from one another, thus improving blood flow. There is also information supporting negative ions increasing alkalinity in the body. If a person is choosing an alkaline diet, for example, they will choose to drink alkaline water- water that has been charged by magnets or has gone through an alkalizing negative ion process.

As you can tell, when you are sitting on the rocks at the ocean, or when you are standing near a roaring waterfall, the energy in those places feels GOOD. Sometimes, it’s as though you feel “at home” when you are by a waterfall, and like you never want to leave.

The trickling down of water can be an almost spiritual sensation for many people, and partly to do with the fact that the benefits of negative ions just feel good.

When we get down to the nitty gritty, it’s all about how we feel, right? If we feel better when we are around negative ions, then it means something. People feel better in negative ion-rich environments, thus their health reflects that feeling.

One could even go to the point of saying that a person’s mental attitude can be affected by a lack of negative ions. For example, if a person is always surrounded by buildings, electrical systems, like computers and electrical towers, and vehicles, and never exposed to natural environments, then what do you think their mental attitude would be like?

Benefits of Negative Ions in Technology

ULPA Negative Ion Air Filter: Nikken KenkoAir Purifier

benefits of negative ionsIf a person is thinking about investing in an ion generator, then they should not bother getting one that simply generates negative ions.

The best way to go, when you are planning to buy negative ion technology, which will generate negative ions in their home or workplace is to choose an ULPA air filter, such as the KenkoAir Purifier by NIKKEN, so that their piece of technology not only generates negative ions, but so that it also filters the air to the highest degree possible.

ULPA is a higher standard of filtration than HEPA. ULPA filters the air so that the smallest particles in the air become trapped in the filter, thus extremely reducing allergens in the air, and giving a person a whole new breath on life.

The Benefits of Negative Ions from Air Filter

All indoor air should be filtered anyhow, so buying a negative ion generator on its own is not very beneficial to a complete healthy lifestyle. Adding negative ions is good, but ULPA filtration plus negative ion generation is way better than just good.

Negative Ion Necklace and Bracelet: The Best I Have Used

Negative ion necklaces and negative ion bracelets gained a lot of hype for a period of time, and even though the hype was good, there were some unfit companies who gave the bracelets and necklaces a bad name.

*Some companies made products that were unworthy for the marketplace, and of course those companies and products should be avoided. The benefits of negative ions can be enjoyed, if you choose the right company to align yourself with.benefits of negative ions

I can only speak for myself and all the people I have helped when I say that the Nikken Powerband bracelets and necklaces are the real deal when it comes to negative ion producing necklaces and bracelets. See my

Nikken Testimonials page to see why I mean it when I say that this brand is the way to go when you are looking for the benefits of negative ions worn on the body.

How to Get More Negative Ions Into Your Day for Benefits of Negative Ions

Not everyone provides themselves with the benefit of getting outside for a walk in nature,where negative ions are abundant, and that is entirely understandable. Our lives are designed in such a way that many people travel to work in a vehicle of some kind, on smoggy roadways, and with little time during the day to be anywhere near nature. For those people who spend a lot of time commuting, the benefits of negative ions are barely experienced.

I recommend they use an ion-generating travel air filter for their car, and make it a priority to spend as much time in nature as possible, over the weekends and during non-working hours.

Indoor plants are a source of a small amount of negative ions. If you can’t get to nature on a daily basis, then bring nature to you by filling your space with plants that give nourishing life energy and oxygen to a room. Read my post about the best plants for a cleaner indoor environment.

Overcoming Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome by Nikken’s Dave Balzer

Wishing you all the positive benefits of negative ions!

Your Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant,

Nadine Staaf
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Benefits of Negative Ions: The Finest in Health Technology

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