Children’s Preventative Health: Is It Important?

by Nadine Staaf

in Children's Health

HomeMany people have come to believe that sickness is “just something that happens” and that it’s “spread” and there’s not much you can do about it except frequently wash hands, or not drink from another person’s water bottle. Although, there’s more to children’s preventative health than that. I’m feeling pretty fortunate these days, and I’ll tell you why.

He Got Sick

Last year, my son was sick with a cold/cough for what felt like the entire fall and winter months of the school year. He was healthy in between being sick, but not for long enough that it felt like he was really very healthy at all. He went to preschool- kids sneezed all over each other. I thought his being sick was pretty normal because all of the kids were sick at least twice each during that time.

I realized that people take a lot of time off work to be at home with sick kids. It can be stressful for moms and dads who need to find alternative childcare for their children, and it’s not too much fun for the children either.

I Didn’t Want to Do it All Again

I knew too much about health by the summer time to live that again, so I made the decision last summer to invest in a Nikken Wellness Home. For 6 months, we have been sleeping on magnetic mattress pads. We have been drinking magnetic alkaline water, and wearing magnetic necklaces. We have been breathing ionized air in our home. We have been consuming whole food nutritional products. We have been doing the whole shebang (partly because I wanted to see if it would work, and if we’d be healthier than last year, and partly because I really believed it would work).

Here’s What Happened

It’s January now, 5 months after my son started living the Nikken way (yes, it was hard to get him to drink the Barley Grass, at first). It’s been 5 months and he hasn’t had a cough or cold, or needed to take any medications, cough syrups, or other natural remedies (no herbal teas even). He hasn’t had a single fever or had any other reason to visit a doctor.

One time, in December, he came home from school with a sore throat. We used a few Nikken Products on him and within 20 minutes we were out the door enjoying a potluck dinner with absolutely no sign of illness after that. So, something’s going on here. Something is working, so we’ll just keep doing it. We’ll keep sleeping on magnets, wearing magnets around our necks, drinking clean water, breathing clean air, and eating what our bodies need.

Sharing Health is What We’re All About

Children’s health is important, and sickness doesn’t need to be a part of the picture. If we can help children learn how they can take care of their bodies, then there is a better chance they will grow to be healthy adults. So, let’s do that. Let’s help ourselves, help our children, and improve the future for everyone.

These are not medical claims to say that any Nikken product can cure or prevent any specific illness or disease. It’s important to note that. This is my experience, and I wanted to share it so that hopefully people will be able to see that children can in fact live healthier lives than we may think.

If you’re curious about these products, visit Nadine’s product website at If you would like more information, please contact us anytime by email or social media. All the best to you and your family.


Children’s Preventative Health: Is It Important?

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story

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