Home Water Filter

home water filter

A home water filter is becoming more and more relevant to have and there is really no question as to how important it is to have high quality drinking water available in the home, for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, too often people choose to drink bottled water and highly chlorinated tap water.

Alkaline Home Water Filter

A home water filter can create an alkaline water. Alkaline drinking water can help to offset a typical modern diet, which consists of foods that become acidic to the body when consumed. Due to the fact that alkaline water decreases oxidation reduction potential (ORP), alkaline water acts more like an antioxidant in the body, instead of a free radical.

nikken pimag waterfall

Magnetic Home Water Filter

Water that flows through a magnetic field is naturally conditioned, without the addition of salt or other chemicals. The ionizing effect produces ions which work to further neutralize the free radicals in typical tap and bottled water.

Gravity Powered Home Water Filter

Unlike other at-home water filter units, this filter doesn’t need to be plugged into any power source, and it doesn’t affect your household water pressure. All you need to do is pour tap water into the top of the system, let it filter through the top compartment, into the bottom compartment, and then enjoy clean, alkaline, ionized, mineral water that far exceeds NSF standards for safe drinking water.

Mineral Home Water Filter

pimag waterfall mineral stones

Replacement Filter and Mineral Stones

Through the several stages of advanced filtration, the water is provided with valuable minerals. In addition, the stones that you see in the bottom compartment of the system are the “mineral stones” which provide minerals to the water, and thus to your body. A home water filter of this variety is an excellent addition to a diet that is lacking in essential minerals.

Portable Home Water Filter

Another benefit of this home water filter system not needing a power source is that it is easily transported, and it is light for its size, so carrying it is quite manageable for many people. The system is an excellent addition to any workplace, party or gathering, and outdoor event because it can be filled with regular tap water and you know that you will be drinking the highest quality “living” water.


Is the home water filter also a water cooler?

The home water filter system described above is not designed to make the water cold. In saying that, when cold water is poured into the top compartment, filtered through, and consumed quickly, you may end up with the cold water you are seeking. An easy solution for fulfilling a need for cold water is to make ice cubes out of the filtered water so that when you pour yourself a glass of the filtered water, and you add ice to it, you are not contaminating your clean water with chlorinated ice cubes.

Do you need to clean the home water filter system?

Cleaning out the system is a really simple process. Once you have done it once or twice, and you know what to do, cleaning it out only takes a few minutes. I recommend cleaning it out once every month, but take a look for yourself, once you get using it, because depending upon the quality of the water that you are putting in, you may want to give it a rinse more often than monthly.

pimag shower head

Water filtration technology also available in a shower head!

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