Hydration for Children: How Much Water is Enough?

by Nadine Staaf

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hydration for childrenHydration for Children is an important conversation for parents to have because so often children don’t drink enough water for how much they’re growing and for their high activity levels. How much water is enough when it comes to hydration for children, and how can a parent help their children to drink enough water throughout the day? This article covers hydration for children, and tips to help parents to help their children with adequate hydration.

How Much Water Should a Child Drink?

No matter how active a child is, a child needs to drink water. The rule of thumb for children is that they have a couple of mouthfuls of water within a half hour period, all throughout the day. Depending on the child’s size, their mouth will be a different size, so as long as they are drinking mouthfuls of water all day, they are getting the water they need. If your child is running around, they will probably tell you when they begin to get thirsty, which may or may not be every half hour. The key- have plain water handy.

What if My Child Won’t Drink Water?

Best water for kids

Do you filter your water, or does your body? This is the best filtered water for adults and children that I have ever found.

As with adults, some children flat-out don’t like water, and some will refuse to drink it. There are two solutions to this dilemma, which are both healthy: drink better water, and- if you need to- add a piece of fruit to the water.

Hydration for Children- Step 1: Make sure your child is drinking filtered water. Most children don’t enjoy the taste of chlorine, and it’s for a good reason that they’re refusing to drink chlorinated tap water. When feeding water to children, make sure it’s of the cleanest variety you can afford. My recommendation is Nikken’s PiMag water. Our 6-year old son loves to drink water because of PiMag water being available to him in our home.

Hydration for Children- Step 2: Teach the importance of water, and drink water, yourself. The more water becomes an important part of a healthy lifestyle, the more a child will understand its importance.

Hydration for Children- Step 3: Don’t present an alternative. So many kids get the choice when their parents and caregivers ask them “okay, do you want water, juice, or milk?” Juice and milk can’t be substitutes for water. Water is designed to cleanse every system in the body, whereas juice and milk and vitamin drinks and sports drinks provide the body with yet another substance that it needs to filter out. Make water a constant in the home and children won’t have tempting alternatives that they can choose over H2O.

Hydration for Children- Step 4: Carry high-quality water with you, everywhere you go. The reason for this being that you will drink more water when you have it handy. If you’re relying on buying bottled water when you’re out, then you won’t always have it handy. Take your own water and you will know that you and your children will always be well hydrated.

Hydration for Children: Adding Fruit to Water

hydration for childrenThe whole reason you’re trying to drink more water, remember, is to ensure that you are reaching a good level of hydration for children. Adding a few pieces of cut-up fruit is a great idea, if your child is refusing to drink plain water, or if you want to spice things up a bit. The key to this is to make sure you’re not adding so much fruit, all the time, and turning your fresh water into a fruit smoothie. There is a big difference, and although fruit smoothies are healthy, they still do not provide the cleansing benefits of purified alkaline water.

Just like adults need water, children need water, too. When you’re figuring out which water to drink, remember that “you are what you eat”, so wouldn’t you want to drink the best water available?

Check out our products page to learn about alkaline mineral ion water and the other NIKKEN products that make up the NIKIKEN Wellness Home environment. Start your home today by beginning to drink the water. It’s a best first step to hydration for children.

Hydration for Children: How Much Water is Enough?

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