Negative Ion Bracelets and Necklace

negative ion bracelets

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Negative Ion Bracelets and Necklace

Negative ion bracelets seem to be everywhere, nowadays, and the truth of the matter is that they are not all the same quality or able to deliver the same results. It is important to know which companies to trust and which ones to avoid. Much of that has to do with the price point and company history.

Simply put, if you can buy a negative ion bracelet for $5, then it’s pretty likely that it will break in a few weeks and that it won’t do what it’s said to do. It is true that it takes money to make a high quality and lasting product. A high quality negative ion bracelet or negative ion necklace is one that is made up of materials that are durable and capable of being immersed in water without the worry of damaging the product.

Also, if you are going to spend the money on a negative ion bracelet, be sure to buy one that also contains magnets and far-infrared technologies.

Negative Ion Bracelets: Benefits

Talk to people who have had real results, read the testimonials, and wear the bracelet. It’s the people who wear the products consistently (even through sleep) that have the best results. If you have questions, you are welcome to email me. I won’t try to sell you on anything you don’t need, but Nikken has products for particular areas of the body, and the Powerband bracelets are not the only wrist products that they offer.

Nikken Negative Ion Technology Information

Here is information on Nikken’s state of the art negative ion technology: Negative Ion Technology

negative ion bracelets- animals and magnets

Our neighbor’s kitty comes over and rubs against my Nikken bracelet until I take it off for him. Animals benefit from magnets, too!

Negative Ion Bracelets: Side Effects

The Nikken products have no negative side effects. There are warnings on the magnetic products, which warn against using near electronic devices, such as pacemakers. The reasoning for this is because Nikken cannot monitor the sensitivity of every new electronic device on the market.

Nikken explains the details of the Gauss strength of their magnets, and it is up to consumers to ask their doctors, physicians, and veterinarians for the information on their pacemakers and other devices which may or may not be sensitive to magnets.

negative ion bracelets technology

Nikken, since 1975, researches and develops the most innovative and effective negative ion technologies.

Where to Buy High Quality Negative Ion Bracelets?

Nikken negative ion bracelets contain three technologies: far-infrared, negative ion, and magnetic. Furthermore, the company has been successful in business since 1975 and serves millions of people all over the world. Check out my Nikken website here: Nadine Staaf Independent Nikken Consultant

Other Helpful Wrist Items from Nikken

Nikken has three other products that I have seen be very helpful for people who are looking for wrist support. They are the KenkoTherm far-infrared Wrist Wraps, the Kenko PowerChip Magnets, and the CM Complex Cream, which penetrates deep into the wrist and any other area of the body on which you decide to use it. Here is a brief description of each with links to the products.

KenkoTherm Wrist Wraps:  wraps that naturally and gently warm the wrist area through the use of the far-infrared technology. Learn about far-infrared technology. See the product: KenkoTherm Wrist Wrap

Negative Ion Bracelets with the KenkoTherm Wrist Wrap

Nikken KenkoTherm Wrist Wrap Thermographic Imaging to show the gentle warming affect of the far-infrared material.

Kenko PowerChip: I recommend people buy two of these magnets, if they can afford to do so. You can simply tuck them under the KenkoTherm Wrist Wrap so that the small circles are facing toward your wrist, on both sides of your wrist. Learn about magnetic technology. See the product: Kenko PowerChip

CM Complex Cream: cetyl myristoleate is one of the main active ingredients in this cream, and it can be helpful anywhere on the body where there are muscles, joints, tendons, or ligaments. I use mine mostly on the back of my neck because I find it is very helpful with tension on the neck muscles. See the product: CM Complex Cream USA, and CM Complex Cream Canada

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To your optimal health and well being!

Your Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant,

Nadine Staaf

Negative Ion Bracelets and Necklace

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