Nikken Catalog 2014 | Nikken Products & Promotional Code

It is my pleasure to share the Nikken products with you and to be your Nikken Consultant. There are two ways to view the Nikken product line:

1) View the Nikken Catalog

The Nikken Catalog is a PDF that you can view online or download. Scroll through the Nikken catalog and please feel welcome to email me, if you have any particular product questions, or if you would like information on becoming a Nikken Consultant to buy the products at wholesale and share the products with the people you meet.

USA: Nikken Catalog USA

Canada: Nikken Catalog Canada

nikken catalog

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*Please note: Nikken is a research and development company, so their products are continually improving. I do my best to keep the Nikken Catalog page up-to-date, but you can always confirm that your product is available by visiting my Nikken website (link below). Thank you for your interest!

2) Visit my Nikken Website

Nikken products are always up-to-date on my Nikken website. When you get to my website, click on “Shop Now” and then choose either the Canada or the USA flag on the top left of the page so that you can view the accurate products for where you live: View the Nikken Catalog on my Nikken website

Prices in the Nikken Catalog

As you will notice, the prices aren’t listed in the Nikken Catalog. For current prices on the Nikken products, it would be best to view my Nikken website and click on the USA or Canada flag to see prices. Nikken product prices reflect high quality products that are designed with our best health at the forefront. Once you experience the Nikken products, you will be able to see their value more than you may be able to simply by seeing a picture.

nikken catalog promotional code

Take 10% off your purchase by ordering on my Nikken website and entering the promotional code in the checkout area.

Nikken Promotional Code

I always encourage my customers to take advantage of my Nikken Promotional Code. Please note: the code works, but only on my Nikken website. If you are on Nikken’s main website, the code will not work. To apply the code, please follow the instructions on this page: Nikken Promotional Code

Nikken Products Overview

Nikken products are beautiful things. Designed with nature at the core, Nikken products are natural, like the Nikken Kenzen nutritional supplements and include Earth energies, such as far-infrared, negative-ion, and magnetic. The products are safe and effective while being non-invasive and a great complementary tool for your medicine cabinet.

As a Nikken Consultant, I cannot make medical claims, but I have seen only wonderful results with people when they use the Nikken products consistently. You are welcome to email me, if you have any questions at all.

To your ultimate health and well-being!

Your Nikken Independent Consultant,

Nadine Staaf
Nikken ID 859695000

Nikken Catalog 2014 | Nikken Products & Promotional Code

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story
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