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Have you thought of your home as a space that can actually assist you in living your healthiest, happiest and most successful life? Here are some quick things that you can do to your home to transform it into a safe, revitalizing, and positively energetic sanctuary- a Nikken Wellness Home.

“If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way.” – Aristotle

Nikken Understands: We are Made of Nature

If we look at the world around us, and we understand that human beings are a part of the whole and a part of nature, then why do we expect that we can remove ourselves from nature and continue to thrive? The truth is that we feel our best when we are nearest to the natural world, to the trees, to the oceans and rivers, and to the ground. How does this all play a role in our home environments?

Nikken Connects us to Earth’s Magnetic Energy

We used to spend so much more time outdoors. People stay inside now. This is not something that seems to be changing, so I propose an idea- not a new idea, but one which I have learned. This idea was passed on to me through a network of like-minded people, and it was originated by one man in Japan., in 1975.

This one man, named Mr. Masuda, saw that people were moving indoors more and more. He saw that people and Earth must remain connected for harmony to flow, for energy to remain in the body.

What is the Earth made of? Magnetic energy. What are we missing? Our physical connection to the Earth. Therefore, we are missing magnetic energy (unless you spend all day walking barefoot on the beach, that is.)

Nikken Technologies Bring Nature Indoors

Nikken replicates Earth energies to create Wellness Home environments in your house- since 1975. Being in a wellness home is an AMAZING thing indeed!

Other Natural Energies We Need

Negative Ion Energy

You know when you are standing near a waterfall, or beside the ocean waves? That energy can best be described as negative ion energy. Unless we are out in nature, every day, and for plenty of time each day, then we are not exposed to negative ion energy the way we would otherwise be.

Far-Infrared Energy

A vital energy that we are missing so often is far-infrared energy, which is a wavelength of the light spectrum, and it is showing many health benefits when people are exposed to it on a regular basis.

Full-Spectrum Light Energy

Humans need full-spectrum light in order to thrive, and yet how many of us get enough sunlight on a daily basis? If you do, then you can consider yourself very fortunate indeed.

Nikken – Trusted Partner of Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World calls Nikken a “Trusted Partner.” Healthy Child Healthy World is an organization that educates people about making small changes to live healthier, non-toxic lives. They only recommend the most pure companies (only companies that are non-toxic, non-chemical, non-invasive, and all around good for the body, good for the Earth, and good for the future of our children).

Healthy Child Healthy World recommends Nikken Wellness Home products- all of them. This is something to be proud of.

Nikken Wellness Home- Healthy Child Healthy World Relationship

Healthy Child Healthy World calls Nikken a “Trusted Partner.”

What if Everyone Lived in a Nikken Wellness Home?

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived in a wellness home environment. How would life be different for children growing up with healthy and energized parents, and how would parents feel raising children who were healthy and thriving? Life would be different, and homes would be rejuvenating.

Outside the Nikken Wellness Home

People live busier lives than ever, and with so many demands, people should be able to come home to a healthy and happy home. As human beings, it is our right to be healthy. It is also our own choice, in many ways, to live the healthiest lives we can live and to choose our home environments. This is why I choose a Nikken Wellness Home. I choose to create wellness for my family and for myself.

Complement a Healthy Lifestyle with a Nikken Home

So many people work their hardest to be healthy, but forget about their environments. A healthy lifestyle includes breathing healthy air, drinking healthy water (not bottled), getting full-spectrum light, and sleeping deeply. There are many health reasons to bring nature indoors. For Nikken testimonials on your particular health situation, please feel free to email me.

Step 1: Make the Decision to Be the Healthiest Possible

Really, make the decision to live the healthiest life you can possibly live, and take your family on the journey with you. I strive for my best. This doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge in chocolate or enjoy a cup of coffee (on a daily basis). It means that I take conscious steps to live a healthy life and I try to improve upon that, all the time.

What does a healthy environment look like with the NIKKEN Wellness Home products?

Learn About What Makes a Nikken Environment

The Nikken environment is one that brings the elements of nature to you, simply because home environments are typically toxic and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Homes have toxic chemicals in the paint, flooring, carpets, furniture, drinking water, bathing water, foods, etc.

We help people offset their toxic environments by supplementing their homes and bodies with what nature intended (a connection to everything that Earth has to offer).

Nikken Foundation Products

Here is a brief rundown of what is found in a Nikken healthy home environment. These products can be brought into your place of business for a healthy work environment, too. It is my opinion that every yoga studio, office space, classroom, and health facility should be making use of these products.

Nikken Air Purifier: ULPA Filtration + Clean Ions

If we don’t filter our air, then our lungs become the filter. I’m not satisfied with toxic chemicals being trapped in my lungs.

The Nikken Nikken KenkoAir Purifier does more than any other air purifier I have found. It uses ULPA filtration (better than HEPA), and it emits healthy negative ions (without the dangerous ozone that many ion-generating air filters emit). Here is more information about Nikken ULPA air filtration.

Nikken energy star rating

The Nikken KenkoAir Purifier has Energy Star backing it up- it doesn’t take too much energy to run this amazing air filter.

The truth is that “no other air filtration system matches this level of performance.”- Nikken (Japanese Health Research Institute, with its headquarters in Irvine, California.)

A Body Heals Itself in Deep Sleep

Sleep is the only time when the body has a chance to heal itself. For a variety of reasons, people have a hard time sleeping. I sleep deeply and restfully and I don’t find myself tired during the day. I attribute my sleep health to my NIKKEN Kenko Sleep System because my life has improved substantially since the first day I began sleeping in the Sleep System.

Email me and I can answer your questions, provide you with more information, or give you testimonials from customers and consultants who have had incredible results with this Nikken product.

mattresses without chemicals

Sleep the way nature intended with the Nikken Sleep System, which includes magnet, far-infrared, and negative ion energy.

Nikken Full Spectrum Light: Sunlight Indoors

Natural light is missing for so many people, either because they sleep through daylight or they work indoors where the light doesn’t shine. To find yourself in a well-lit, naturally healthy light, take a look at the Nikken KenkoLight Full-Spectrum lamp and make use of the health technologies that are available to you and your family.

Nikken Water: Alkaline, Ion, Filtered, Mineral

Have you ever experienced the difference in your energy levels when you have had the right amount of water in your body compared to when you are consistently parched? Our bodies NEED water. We need to give our bodies the clean water it deserves.

Our bodies need more than the chlorinated tap water and stagnant bottle water that we try to feed it. We need water that will be absorbed properly (alkaline, ion, mineral, filtered).

Invest in the Nikken Waterfall Water Filter for a gravity-fed water filtration experience that my family enjoys daily. Our families need wellness.

Nikken Organic Supplements

Nikken organic-based supplements are USDA certified. Look for this logo when you’re out shopping!

Nikken Organic Supplements: Eat Well

Nikken organic-based nutritional supplements are designed by scientists who work to forever improve the products that go into our bodies. I feel not only safe but also energized by taking the Nikken health supplements.

There are a variety of organic-based supplements, and they all work together in a synergistic way to promote total health and well-being. Learn about the Nikken Kenzen organic-based nutrition. Some of the supplements include the following. I welcome your email if you are having a hard time deciding what to purchase first!

  • Barley grass powder
  • Whole food supplements (better than a multivitamin)
  • Bone health supplements
  • Antioxidant super fruit juice
  • Digestive supplements
  • Heart health supplements
  • Weight management probiotic protein drink mix
  • Immunity, joint, and liver supplements
  • Mental clarity supplements

I am Your Nikken Consultant and I am here to Help You

Email me, your NIKKEN Independent Wellness Consultant, today, to learn more about the best way to learn about Nikken, either as a consultant or customer, and start building your Nikken Wellness Home, now. I literally run my business online, so I am usually connected so that I can help you quickly and effectively. Please don’t be afraid to ask for more information!


Purchase from my Nikken website with my promotional code for 10% off. Or, become a Consultant to buy at wholesale pricing (20% off retail prices, plus retail tax), and 40% off the Sleep System within 60 days of sign-up: Sign-up as a Nikken Consultant

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Nikken Wellness Home | Bring Nature Indoors

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mattresses without chemicals

If people were aware of the number of chemicals that are sprayed on the mattresses and other furniture items in their homes, then mattresses without chemicals and the Nikken Sleep System would be the only thing people would want to buy.

The following article covers some of the features of the best mattresses without chemicals, an overview of some of the newest features available to consumers, and a list of the most important things to look for when purchasing mattresses without chemicals. 

Nikken Consultants receive nearly 40% off the Nikken Sleep System components when they sign up as a Consultant and buy the Sleep System within 60 days of sign-up. Feel free to contact me about this or sign-up as a consultant online, if you’re already ready!

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Mattresses Without Chemicals: Nikken Sleep System with Natural Flame Retardant

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PiMag Water Nikken Waterfall

PiMag water is best from the Nikken PiMag Waterfall. Filters are not expensive, and they don’t need to be changed often. Use my Nikken Promotional Code for 10% off your purchase.

PiMag Water System

PiMag water is, by far, my favorite water of all time. Do you drink PiMag water from the Nikken PiMag Waterfall? It’s the water that replaces bottled water, one hundred fold, in my life. I drink it all day and use it for a variety of other activities.

There must be other people who love PiMag water as much as I do, so I thought you may want to learn about some different ways you can use your water! Here are my favorite uses for my favorite water.

PiMag Water System Uses

Everyone who drinks PiMag water can tell you that drinking this filtered, alkaline, mineral, ionized water is not like drinking anything else. The best way I can describe the water is to say that it is lighter, more refreshing, and more fulfilling than any other water I have tried. If you only ever drink glasses of this water, I recommend you try drinking it in these ways, too:

pimag water for tea coffee juices kombucha

  • Make your coffee or tea with it. Yummm!
  • Use it to make your Kombucha
  • Add it to your other beverages for a more balanced alkalinity

PiMag Water for Your Cleanse

When you are doing a cleanse, don’t bother with tap water (tap water contains all the stuff you’re trying to cleanse your body of). Instead, invest in better water, either in the form of a NIKKEN Waterfall® or a PiMag Sport Bottle. The PiMag Waterfall is by far my favorite choice because it makes drinking enough water easier than ever. Although, if you are travelling, then the PiMag water Sport Bottle is definitely an addition to consider. The cool thing about this water is that it’s so clean that it’s kind of like cleansing on a daily basis.

PiMag Water Filter Promo

Buy Your Next PiMag Water Filters for 10% off by purchasing from my Nikken website with the promotional code 101525

PiMag Water for Painting

One of my favorite new things to do with the PiMag water is to paint with it. I paint in watercolor, mostly, and I find it to make for a smoother painting consistency. It makes sense, when you take chemicals out of water, the water changes.

PiMag Shower System

A PiMag water bath is better than going to the spa, in my opinion! All you need to do to run a PiMag shower system water bath is to pour the bath with the PiMag MicroJet Shower System instead of using the faucet. At home, my son calls bath time the “Sh-Bath”. It’s a shower and a bath combined. You’ve gotta love the sense of humor of a 7-year old.

PiMag Water Nikken Waterfall Filter

How important is the health of your water? Why PiMag water is better is seen in this photo I took of my old and new filter. Our bodies filter the water, if our water filter doesn’t. Go with the best and choose PiMag water from the Nikken Waterfall for 10% off with my Promotional Code.

PiMag Water for Plants

I would feel shameful giving my plants anything other than PiMag water now that it’s the only kind of water they have been given for over a year, now. My plants are vital and flourishing like they never were before!

PiMag Water for Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals

Pimag water for dogs cats pets animals

Animals are friends, and we would never give our friends poor quality drinking water, right? Animals love PiMag water. It’s a true story. For a long time, a neighbor of ours had a cat that would come to our house only to drink our PiMag water. I even have pictures!

Are you ready to buy the Nikken Waterfall? For 10% off your Waterfall or your next filter purchases, use my Nikken Promotional Code!

PiMag Water Bottle

There’s even a PiMag water bottle for drinking PiMag water, wherever you are. I prefer the Waterfall over the PiMag water bottle, but the PiMag water bottle is a great way to carry your water on the go!

PiMag Water System Reviews

We’re always adding reviews to our Nikken Testimonials page (link is above), so be sure to check that page often. Enjoy!

PiMag Water Technology video

PiMag Water: Nikken Waterfall System, Filter, Reviews

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Nikken mStrides magnetic insoles are now available to buy online!

Get 10% off the mStrides magnetic insoles up-close and personal on my Nikken website at

new magnetic insoles

Go to and use my Promotional Code for 10% off!

I watched a video done by Dr. Nelson for the new mStrides magnetic insoles that Nikken has recently unveiled, and I’m excited about the health technologies that are incorporated into these insoles!

The MagSteps have been phenomenally successful, since 1975, when they were brought out by Nikken. These new mStrides offer so much more technology, and I have been wearing them since they came out and LOVE them!

I wear the Nikken mStrides Magnetic Insoles All Day

The first time I put the mStrides on, I felt tingling in my feet. I had been wearing the old MagSteps for a year and a half, so I was surprised that I felt different by wearing the mStrides. Now, I don’t take them off, unless I am asleep because I sleep in the Sleep System, anyhow. I wear the mStrides in my slippers, in the house, and in my shoes when I am out.

mStrides Magnetic Insoles and Earth’s Magnetic Field

Aside from the fact that we can connect with Earth’s magnetic field through wearing magnetic insoles, I like that the newest mStrides insoles include the negative ion and far infrared technologies, so that energy is literally reflected back to the wearer . How cool is that?!

Roger Drummer Shares his info on the mStrides Magnetic Insoles

mstrides magnetic insolesLike Dr. Greg Nelson says in his video “wearing the mStrides magnetic insoles is like having sunshine in your shoes.” Cute! He’s talking about far-infrared energy, which naturally comes from the sun- and we all know how good we feel when we get to be out in the sunshine!

mStrides Magnetic Insoles are Breathable, not Sweaty

Another innovative feature of these mStrides insoles, which I have never seen in other insoles, is that they are noticeably more breathable than they have been in the past. I have enjoyed that very much, especially because I am wearing them so often.

With the older version of the magnetic insoles, I found that my feet could become sweaty when wearing them for a long period of time. The MagSteps were still substantially better than other insoles for long-term wear in any of my shoes, but it’s nice to have more airflow!

Here is Dr. Greg Nelson explaining the features of the new mStrides magnetic insoles. I’m sure that there will be a whole bunch of  reviews to see on the NIKKEN Testimonials page soon, so be sure to check back!

mStrides Magnetic Insoles Video by Dr. Greg Nelson

Become a NIKKEN customer and get 10% off on your mStrides magnetic insoles with my Nikken Promotional Code.

MStrides Magnetic Insoles | A Nikken Product for Everyone

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