Nikken CM Complex Cream

Nikken CM Complex Cream

Nikken CM Complex Cream is a cream designed by Nikken, the world’s leading total health and wellness company, which began in 1975 in Japan. CM Complex Cream uses the active ingredient cetyl myristoleate and is endorsed by the estate of Dr. H. W. Diehl, the National Institutes of Health researcher who discovered cetyl myristoleate.

My Experience: Nikken CM Complex Cream

Nikken CM Complex Cream

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I have been using Nikken products for a year and a half now, and to tell you the truth- I don’t have too many pains and discomforts any more. At one point, I was using the Nikken CM Complex Cream on a daily basis. I would put it on my shoulders and at the base of my neck, where my main pains would begin. Now, I still use the cream but because I have found overall wellness, it’s not a daily thing for me.

Nikken CM Complex Cream Comparison

I have used other creams, like menthol-type balms, but none of them compare to the Nikken CM Complex Cream. I like that the Nikken formula is non-greasy and quick acting. I literally notice a difference within moments of using the cream, and I don’t feel like I need to rub it into the skin the way I have needed to do with other creams.

Natural Cooling Sensation

Aloe, Menthol, and Peppermint create a beautiful scent as well as a natural cooling feeling on the skin. It’s a nice thing to feel good without chemicals. Although there is a scent, the smell is not an overwhelming aroma, like some creams.

Nikken CM Complex Cream Information

For more information on the Nikken CM Complex Cream, please have a look at the brochure on my website. Simply visit my Nikken website and click on the QRS link, which is below the Cream picture. Here is the link to my Nikken CM Complex Cream web page

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Nikken CM Complex Cream

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