Magnetic Insoles for Kids: Children Can Benefit From the NIKKEN mStrides, too!

new magnetic insolesThe newest in Nikken’s magnetic insoles for kids, the Nikken mStrides, are now available online. They can be trimmed to fit little kid shoes, so read the article below and check out the new magnetic insoles for kids.

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Children can benefit from a connection to Earth’s energy, just like adults can. Magnetic insoles for kids do not have any adverse side effects. They are designed with the understanding that people need to be connected to the Earth’s magnetic energy, rather than disconnected in buildings, vehicles, and homes. Magnetic insoles for kids is an exciting step in the right direction!

How to Magnetic Insoles Affect People?

magnetic insoles for kidsEveryone has a different experience with magnetic insoles. For example, I can stand for long hours in flat shoes with my magnetic insoles in my shoes, whereas I cannot stand for long hours without them in my shoes because my feet get too sore without the insoles.

Other people have experienced different things, including better circulation in their feet. To see how magnetic insoles can work for you, visit my NIKKEN website and buy a pair. Give them a good shot (at least 2 months). Sometimes it takes longer than other times to notice a difference. My son, 7 years old, started wearing them in his shoes, too. He noticed how much farther he could walk comfortably outside on the pavement.

magnetic insoles for kids

My son wears magnetic insoles for kids. I simply cut the adult-sized magnetic insoles down to fit his shoes.

Magnetic Insoles for Kids: How-To

Magnetic insoles for kids can be made from the same magnetic insoles for adults. Simply purchase a pair of the adult-sized magnetic insoles and cut them with scissors to make magnetic insoles for kids. It’s a very straight-forward process:

1. Remove an insole from your child’s running shoe, or trace the child’s foot onto a piece of paper.

2. Trim the adult-sized magnetic insole to turn it into a magnetic insole for kids.

3. If you purchased the insole with the bumps, the bumps may bother a child’s soft feet. Simply put the insoles into the shoes bump-side down. The magnetic field will still reach the child, but the bumps will be less bothersome for smaller and more sensitive feet. magnetic insoles

Are Magnets Okay For Children’s Health?

People sometimes become nervous about magnets, probably because of the media and how we have seen superhero villains using magnets to hurt people, move buildings, etc… The truth of the matter is that children can use magnets the same way adults can use magnets.

It’s a good idea for people with specific health conditions (for example, people who use a pacemaker) to first speak with a healthcare provider before using magnets. Although magnet use is considered a safe and non-invasive practice and has been for many many years.

NIKKEN Magnetic Insoles

The benefits of magnetic technology has been evidenced over and over again. NIKKEN’s magnetic insoles were their very first health product in 1975, when the company started out in Japan. Since then, NIKKEN has expanded on their product line. They research and develop health technologies that range from air purifiers to water filtration systems to sleep technologies.

Find out why I began my NIKKEN business by visiting my NIKKEN website at

Nikken mStrides Magnetic Insoles for Kids Video

Promotional Code for Magnetic Insoles for Kids

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Magnetic Insoles for Kids: Children Can Benefit From the NIKKEN mStrides, too!

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