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Nikken Light Full Spectrum Lamp: Bring Sunlight Indoors

The Nikken light is designed to bring sunlight indoors so that you and your family can live as close to nature as possible, in a world where we all spend so much more time indoors than ever before. Natural, full spectrum light is an important part of all areas of our health, including psychological and physical.

We spend so much time indoors, and the energy from sunlight is very important to our existence. Our exposure to sunlight is showing to benefit our human experience in a number of ways. What kind of light do you have in your home and office environment?

Nikken Light Full Spectrum Lamp: What Does it Do?

Nikken full spectrum light lamp KenkoLight 2 The Nikken Light replicates the sun’s natural wavelengths. This light is ideal for beside a computer, at home, or in the office. Especially for people who don’t get a lot of sun during the fall/winter/spring months.

Nikken Light can Support Natural Sleep Cycles and Cognitive Abilities

Because Nikken light so closely resembles natural sunlight, the benefits that come along with natural daylight can be experienced through using the KenkoLight. Learn all about how the Nikken light works by reading through the Nikken light brochure.

My Experience with the Nikken Light

I notice that when I have the Nikken light near my computer, my eyes don’t feel strained. I can focus on the screen for a longer period of time without needing a break. I also light the Nikken light on my bedside table. Waking up to the dimmest setting is a refreshing way to wake up in the morning. It works as a beautiful reading lamp as well.

NIKKEN Light Full Spectrum Lamp Video

Watch the Nikken light video, below, for more information on this scientifically advanced desk lamp. When you’re done the video, scroll down the page for purchase information and a way that you can save a few dollars when you buy your NIKKEN light.

Invest in a Nikken Light for your Home or Office

Normally, customers buy on my website at the full retail price, but there are two ways that you can save money when you buy the Nikken light.

  1. The first way you can save money on the Nikken full spectrum light is to become a NIKKEN consultant. This allows you to buy the products at wholesale price, plus you can earn bonuses when you share the products with other people. For full instructions on how you can sign-up as a NIKKEN consultant, take a look through this article I wrote about becoming a consultant.
  2. If you want to simply become a customer, then you can become a customer by shopping on my NIKKEN website and then registering as a NIKKEN customer once you have chosen your products and you are ready to purchase. How do you save? You can use my 10% off promotional code at the checkout area.

*If you need help with signing up as a consultant or as a customer, then please contact me and I can sign you up from the back-end of my NIKKEN website. I welcome your email at any time.

Wishing you all the best in health and prosperity, and I look forward to you experiencing the benefits of NIKKEN’s full spectrum light lamp!

Warm regards,

Nadine Staaf
NIKKEN Independent Wellness Consultant 859695000

Nikken Light | KenkoLight Full Spectrum Lamp

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story
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