Nikken MagFlex Magnet and KenkoTherm Back Belt

I have been fortunate to help a number of people with their back discomfort with the Nikken MagFlex in combination with the Nikken KenkoTherm Back Belt and the CM Complex Cream. Here is what I have seen people do who have had great results:

Nikken MagFlex magnet and back belt

The Nikken MagFlex combined with the KenkoTherm Back Belt and the CM Complex Cream is the perfect everyday choice. Make sure to use my 10% off promotional code :)

By Wearing the Nikken MagFlex

The Nikken MagFlex is the newest version of the old Flex back magnet that Nikken has had for many years. Nikken is a company that began in Japan, in 1975, and is now operating in nearly 40 countries around the world. I became a consultant because of my personal product results and then I started seeing all the people in my life benefit from the products. That’s one of the reasons why I share the Nikken products so widely, now. I know they help people and I want to help as many people as I can.

And… By Wearing the KenkoTherm Back Belt

The thermal photograph above shows how the KenkoTherm Back Belt and the Nikken MagFlex work together to create the optimal conditions for the body to do it’s best work. The KenkoTherm Back Belt has a pouch in it which perfectly fits the MagFlex magnet so that both can work with the body in harmony. If you’re scared of magnets, please ask me to explain it to you. Magnets are just what the Earth is made of, but I understand if you are concerned or have questions, so I welcome your email.

KenkoTherm Back Belt

KenkoTherm Back Belt

And… By Applying the CM Complex Cream

The Nikken CM Complex Cream is designed with achy muscles in mind, but one of the active ingredients, cetyl myristoleate, is an ingredient which penetrates further than the muscles and tissues. This is a revolutionary product that is helping countless people. I use it on the back of my neck and it helps me with any discomfort (although I don’t find I need it often anymore as I always wear my Powerband necklace).

Nikken CM Complex Cream

Nikken CM Complex Cream


Do Magnets Heal the Body?

Magnets do Not heal the body, just like bandaids do Not heal cuts. The body heals itself when it is put in the best environment in which it can heal. I am not allowed to make medical claims, but these products have helped a lot of people and I have found my own health and lower back success, especially during the women’s time of the month. I find it easiest to explain like this:

If you were outdoors, laying on the natural ground (not pavement), then you would be connected to the Earth’s energies. You wouldn’t need magnets to help things along. The body is its most vibrant and healthy when it is in close touch with the Earth. Simple as that. Nikken makes technologies that replicate the Earth’s energies so that you can continue being in your house or office and still be connected to the benefits of the Earth’s energies.

Purchasing and More Information on the Nikken MagFlex, KenkoTherm Wraps, and CM Complex Cream

Before you purchase, please jot down my 10% off promotional code so that you can use it on my Nikken website at the checkout: 101525

Product Links

MagFlex: Nikken MagFlex magnet (perfect for the lower back area)

Back Belt: Nikken KenkoTherm Back Belt (with far infrared technology)

CM Complex USA: Nikken CM Complex Cream USA
CM Complex Canada: Nikken CM Complex Cream CANADA

Technology Information Links

Far Infrared Technology Information

Magnetic Energy Technology Information

Product Results and Becoming a Nikken Consultant

Once you have product results, you will want to share this with other people who may need help. Do you know how many people have discomfort in their lower back? This is an excellent opportunity for building a business or for offering your clients support when you are not with them (if you are in the health and healing industry). Please ask me about how to get started with ease and without much expense at all. Or, if you are already ready to start sharing, you can Join Now as a Consultant.


Nadine Staaf

Your Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant 859695000

One of my Nikken colleague’s experience with the MagFlex in particular (all technologies combined work to put the body in the best health state)  

Nikken MagFlex Magnet and KenkoTherm Back Belt

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story
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