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Nikken magnetic insoles,  the new mStrides, are now available to purchase! See below for a fabulous video that describes the new mStrides and read for some tips on how to get the most out of your Nikken magnetic insoles!

Nikken Magnetic Insoles- Brief History

Nikken magnetic insoles are not new. In fact, Mr. Masuda, founder of Nikken, began distributing magnetic insoles (door by door) as his very first product in 1975, in Japan. Magnetic insoles are gaining popularity because people are seeking health solutions that are more natural and magnetic insoles are a good fit in complementary energy medicine.

Steve Austin: “As a young guy, dealing with the daily aches and pains of fibromyalgia and degnerative arthritis, I’ll never forget the week I walked a full three miles between breaks at work.  It just so happens this was the first week I had worn my mStrides, too!  Nikken has made a believer out of me!”

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Nikken Magnetic Insoles

The energy in magnetic insoles is designed to replicate the energy of the earth’s magnetic field. The purpose of this is so that people can be connected to earth energy when they are standing on their feet indoors or outdoors, or working in their office high up in a tower, for example. People have lost their full-time connection to earth’s magnetic field, and Nikken magnetic insoles help to reconnect people to that energy.

Time Lapse Thermography Video

This video shows the time lapse thermography of the foot when standing on the Nikken magnetic insoles (the mStrides are the newest and better technology). 

mStrides Nikken Magnetic Insoles: My Testimonial

Once each week, I work in a shoe store that a friend of mine owns. I meet a lot of people with sore feet; sore feet from standing too much or not enough, tired feet that can barely be stood upon, crumpled-up feet from arthritis and other conditions, and feet with little blood circulation. Everyone I meet seems to be suffering from some form of foot discomfort.

Although it is against Nikken policy that I make medical claims regarding any of the Nikken products, I can say that I know a lot of people who have benefited from putting Nikken magnetic insoles in their shoes on a daily basis. On the days that I stand the entire day at the shoe store, I wear my Nikken magnetic insoles and I have no problems making it through the 8-hour period without taking a seat. Sure, I am ready for a break at the end of the day, but I am not sore like I used to be, before the insoles.

nikken magnetic insoles These are the original Magsteps, the first ever magnetic insoles, designed in 1975.

How Do Nikken Magnetic Insoles Work?

The photo, on the right, is the original Nikken MagSteps magnetic insoles. They have helped millions of people, worldwide, and they were Nikken’s first product in 1975. The new mStrides are an overall better product, and Nikken would agree :)

It’s simple, really. People need Earth’s magnetic field, and unless you are standing on the earth (not on pavement or in buildings), then you need this energy. Nikken was never designed to cure people of anything. It just so happens that people benefit tremendously by being connected to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Roger Drummer Shares his info on the mStrides Magnetic Insoles

Tips for Using the mStrides Magnetic Insoles

  • Your body will benefit most from the Nikken mStrides, if you wear them whenever you physically can do so. If you can, wear them in your slippers and your outdoor shoes.
  • Don’t give up! Magnetic energy affects every human body. It’s science. Some people are more aware of what’s happening, and others notice results over a longer period of time. When the insoles are in the shoe cupboard, they aren’t affecting your body ;)
  • Put them in your kids’ shoes. My son wears Nikken magnetic insoles at school everyday and he has told me that his feet don’t get sore anymore when we go on long walks. Children need this energy as much or more than we do!
  • If you have extremely sensitive feet, you can still wear these insoles. If you are highly sensitive to the energy, simply tuck them under the cloth or foam insole that is already inside your shoe. You will still benefit from the energy. Wear them on and off, if you need to, in the beginning.

Nikken Far-Infrared Socks: Wear with mStrides

If you are looking for enhanced foot health, then combine the Nikken far-infrared Sport Socks with the insoles. Wear them both, all day, every day, for the greatest benefit.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles- Far Infrared Ankle Wrap Demo

This Demo shows the Nikken far-infrared ankle wrap effects, but please note: far-infrared technology is also incorporated into the Sport Socks and the mStrides insoles.

Where to Buy Nikken Products: mStrides and More

mStrides are the newest Nikken magnetic insoles and they are by far a better product than any other magnetic insole they have made in the past. Why? The new magnetic insoles contains three different technologies. They include far infrared, negative ion, and magnetic technologies. All of these things work together (natural earth energies) to make the most beneficial insole on the market, today.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles Reviews

Some people feel a shift in their body’s energy almost immediately, while some people don’t notice anything until they realize that they are feeling better than they used to feel, for example. There are no negative side effects of the Nikken mStrides. It’s important to wear the Nikken magnetic insoles on a consistent basis.

I wish you the best, and I welcome your email, if you need more information before making your purchase. Check out the video below for a better understanding of mStrides Nikken magnetic insoles.

Nikken mStrides Magnetic Insoles Video

For the Science-Minded Folks

I get it- sometimes you need facts to back it all up. Dave Balzer, Nikken’s technical adviser, explains the Earth’s magnetic field in the video below.

Magnetic insoles are only the beginning! Find out more about Nikken health and wellness technologies, the Wellness Home, and Nikken products.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles | mStrides and Far-Infrared Socks

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