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Nikken Magnets: A Brief History

Nikken magnets first began in Japan, in 1975, in the form of magnetic insoles. They rocketed Nikken into a multi-billion dollar health and wellness company (Nikken means “Japanese Health Research Institute). Nikken is a health research and development company, and I spread the word of these technologies because of the profound affect they have had on my body and the people I introduce the products to.

nikken magnets in action!

My son, who is 7, will wear the magnetic insoles in his shoes, and take them out of his shoes so that he can put them into his boots when it is raining out. Kids can enjoy the benefits of nature as much (or more) as adults do.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles- A Good Starting Point

Magnetic insoles keep the magnetic energy that is found in nature, in close proximity to your body, through your feet. You wouldn’t need magnetic insoles if you were walking around every day, barefoot on a beach somewhere, but who does that? The magnetic energy from the insoles doesn’t stop at your feet. Magnets work with the whole body and do not have any negative side effects.

I recommend the Nikken mStrides magnetic insoles as a starting point with getting connected to Nikken magnets and Earth’s magnetic energy. They are the foundation of where Nikken began with magnets for a good reason. After insoles, the Sleep System, the PiMag Waterfall, and the Powerband Neck are the three products that have most profoundly affected my life. Read my full story on my Nikken Consultant website on the “My Story” tab.

Do magnets work on every person?

Magnetic energy is what the Earth is made out of. Is everyone affected by the Earth? Yes. From my experience, over the past year and a half, I have noticed that the only people who say “magnets don’t work” are the people who are not wearing them.

Point: please don’t wear your magnets, then take them off, and then say they don’t work for you. Magnets work on every person (see more about this, below.)

How long does it take for magnets to work?

Every person is at a different level of health when they start using Nikken magnets. Some people notice a change in their health quickly. For some people, it takes longer for them to notice anything. Let’s use this example: a person who has spent 40 years smoking and who decides to quit smoking, will not in a single day be able to transform the entire health of their body.

In saying all that, there ARE people who feel magnetic energy immediately. It’s not rare, either. I felt the shift in my health within minutes of laying down on the Nikken magnetic mattress pad.

Over time, our bodies can heal themselves. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves when they are given the optimal conditions for healing. Magnets do not heal people. Magnets put the body in the best possible environment for health- for the health that our bodies are already designed to accomplish, if they are given the Earth’s energy (and the other energies that are featured in Nikken products- negative ion, far infrared, and full spectrum light).

If this sounds like a bunch of hoo-hah to you, then you have not been in a Nikken Wellness Home environment before, and I encourage you get yourself into one as soon as possible.

Again- a person who is literally standing barefoot on the Earth (not the concrete), all day, does not need magnetic insoles. Is that you? It’s not me (yet ;)

Nikken magnets and nature

Everyone benefits from being in nature, but the truth is that we don’t spend enough time in nature to reap the benefits. That’s why we bring nature into our homes.

Nikken Magnets and Water Together

It is apparent that the more hydrated a person is, the better that any supplements, energies, and products can work with the body. The body naturally functions better when it is hydrated. Nikken understands this, and this is why alkaline, ion, filtered, mineral Nikken PiMag Water is designed to be more hydrating than tap, filtered, or bottled water. Here is Dr. Garrett Moscos’ take on energy medicine and the use of water with magnets: Dr. Garrett Moscos- Energy and Health

Nikken Magnets for the Body- Varieties

There are quite a few varieties of magnets that are all on my Nikken website. Some of the styles include body magnets that fit on the small of the back, some that wrap around the neck, some that you can sleep on (Nikken Sleep System), and some that you can put in your shoes.

Confused about which magnets to purchase? Feel free to email me and I will respond as quickly as I humanly can so that you can have the best magnets for you as soon as possible.

MagFlex Nikken Magnets for the Back

The Nikken MagFlex is the newer, more durable, and lighter version of Nikken’s old back Flex. The MagFlex is a way better design with magnetic penetration that far exceeds that of the old back Flex. It fits perfectly into the Nikken KenkoTherm Back Belt, so purchasing the two products together is the best solution for back support, specifically lower back support.

My son has this product. He sleeps with it as though it is a stuffed animal. He literally cannot get enough magnetic energy and loves wearing the Nikken Powerband neck to school. He is proud to wear the magnets in his shoes and switches them from indoor to outdoor shoe so that he can always be connected. He is 7. He gets it.

Nikken Magnets Kenko MagFlex

Kenko MagFlex. Please click on the image to find full product details from NIKKEN.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles mStrides

The Nikken mStrides magnetic insoles far exceed the technology in the old Magsteps or Magstrides magnetic insoles. With the mStrides, there are three different technologies incorporated and the depth of magnetic penetration happens, even when the foot is not walking.

The mStrides use magnetic, far-infrared, and negative-ion technologies to support the feet and thus the whole body.

They are VERY cool, and I don’t go a moment without wearing them (unless I am sleeping in my Nikken Sleep System). If you don’t have a Sleep System, yet, then I encourage you to wear your insoles to sleep for maximum benefit. Furthermore, the Nikken Sport Socks are ideal for someone who is looking for the ultimate in foot health.

mStrides-new magnetic insoles

The new Nikken mStrides offer far superior technology than any of the other Nikken magnetic insoles, before. Amazing stuff!

NEW: PowerMini Nikken Magnets

The new Nikken Kenko PowerMini magnets are an improved design of the old Nikken PowerPatch. The mini magnets are superior in their design and their technology. These magnets were just released for purchase in February 2014, and they are so loved, already!

Nikken PowerMini magnets

The Nikken PowerMini magnets are the newest of the small, but powerful, mini adhesive magnets. Click on the photo to learn more!

Nikken MagDuo Rolling Magnets

The Nikken MagDuo is the newest version of the old Nikken MagBoy. The technology is far advanced, the magnets offer more penetration, and the design is more Earth-Friendly than ever before.

The Nikken MagDuo is one of the best magnetic products for simply being able to carry around and roll over top of any area that may be uncomfortable. It’s a good product to carry around as a Nikken Consultant, too, because you can demonstrate the power of the products when you pull it out of your purse or bag.

Nikken Magnets Kenko MagDuo For full product information, follow this image to my NIKKEN website where you can also purchase them.

Nikken PowerChip Magnets- Perfect for the Far Infrared KenkoTherm Wraps

The Nikken PowerChip magnets are the perfect addition to any of the Nikken KenkoTherm Support Wraps. Just tuck them into the wrap for the ultimate in magnetic support and energy. These magnets offer TriPhase technology, which consists of magnetic, negative ion, and far infrared energies.

Nikken Magnets PowerChip For product information, click this product image to go to my NIKKEN website where you can also purchase them.

Nikken KenkoSeat: Nikken Magnets in a Seat Cushion

I work on the computer, quite often, so I make sure to always be sitting on the Nikken KenkoSeat magnetic seat cushion. You can place it over most any seat and it is comfortable, supportive, and it offers the magnetic support that everyone needs.

Nikken Magnets Magnetic Chair Seat Cushion For full product info, please click the image to go to my NIKKEN product website at

Nikken MagCreator : Rollout Magnet

The Nikken MagCreator has been used for decades as the foundation for the Nikken Rollout. The Nikken Rollout not only helps Nikken Consultants to demonstrate the Nikken products, the Sleep System in particular, it also helps the recipient to find fuller relaxation, alignment, and more.

Nikken Magnets Rollout MagCreator

Body Magnets can be rolled, too! Learn more about the NIKKEN MagCreator by visiting my NIKKEN website

Connect to Earth Energy with Nikken Magnets

With the goal being to stay connected to earth energy, there are many ways to do it with the Nikken magnets. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions about the body magnets or which one would be most fitting for you and your situation. Thanks!

Where to Buy Nikken Magnets

There are two ways to buy Nikken magnetic products:

1. Buy as a Nikken customer on my Nikken website. Remember to use my Nikken promotional code for 10% off your purchase.

2. Buy as a Nikken Consultant to save 20% off any of the Nikken products. I wrote an article about how to buy Nikken magnets as a consultant.

Nikken Magnets Testimonials

For Nikken testimonials and reviews, see the Nikken Testimonials page. I have plenty more, which I can provide you with if you need more reassurance before purchasing your Nikken magnets.

Nikken Consultant Information

Do you want to become a Nikken Consultant to receive wholesale prices and share the products with the people you love? It’s not expensive to be a Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant, so find out more, today: Become a Nikken Wellness Consultant.

Be sure to check out our blog for tons of related articles, how-to posts, and relevant information. Wishing you the ultimate success with your health and all your other endeavors.

Nikken Magnets Video: Nikken PowerChip

Nikken Magnets

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story
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