Nikken Shower Filter | Filtered Alkaline Shower Water

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Nikken has a new filter shower head. The  PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System is the latest Nikken shower system technology. There is a wall mount filter shower head or a handheld filter shower head. Both offer fantastic PiMag water and beautiful value. Learn about the specs: PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System

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If you already know that you want to buy the latest Nikken shower filter head, then I invite you over to my Nikken product website where you can securely and easily become a customer or become a consultant to purchase the NIKKEN products online.

Nikken Shower Filter and Psoriasis Testimonial

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Learn more about this product and others by visiting my Nikken website or emailing me today with your inquiries. Also, please be sure to take a peek through the BoomersWellness Blog to learn more about the latest health technologies and how to keep your home and your water safe and clean for your family.

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Learn about how to Become a Nikken customer or consultant online, and for opportunities to save money while you are at it. You and your family’s health is important to me, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the Nikken filter shower head or any of the other Nikken products.

Wishing you health and wellness this year, next year, and all the years after that!

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Nikken Shower Filter | Filtered Alkaline Shower Water

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