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Nikken Sleep System Overview

The Nikken Sleep System consists of comfortable latex-filled pillows, a natural latex, chemical-free, naturally flame-retardant magnetic mattress pad, and a far-infrared, negative ion, magnetic comforter. As well, I use the Kenko PowerSleep Mask; I consider the sleep mask to be a significant part of the Nikken Kenko Sleep System.

If, after you have done reading and watching the video, you still have questions about the Nikken Sleep system, then please do not hesitate to email me. I am usually able to respond quite quickly to emails and it is absolutely my pleasure to help you.

Magnetic Mattress Pad

Magnetic Mattress Pad

Nikken Sleep System Nikken Sleep System- Buy as a pack for best price

Far Infrared Comforter by Nikken

Far Infrared Comforter with Negative Ion Technology

Magnetic Mattress Pad Pillow

Natural Latex Magnetic Pillow

Sleep Mask Magnetic Mattress Pad

Magnetic Sleep Mask- the Kenko PowerSleep Mask

Nikken Sleep System Review

I consider the Nikken Sleep System to be one of my healthiest addictions in life. I bought my sleep products as a Vital Sleep Pack when I registered as a Nikken Consultant so that I could save the most money, but even if there was no discount, I would purchase this sleep environment again at full price. Why? Because I literally wake up feeling refreshed. I have more energy during the day and I don’t feel like I need a nap halfway through the day. Not needing to nap means everything to me.

Nikken Sleep System: Longevity

I know that Nikken products last a long time because I have friends with decade-old mattress pads that are still in excellent condition. Nikken uses all natural latex for the sleep system, including the pillows, and natural latex is durable, comfortable, and sustainable. It is also naturally flame-retardant and naturally resistant to microbial growth and mites.

Nikken Sleep System for Kids

Our 7-year old son sleeps on a Nikken magnetic mattress pad. Because his bed is smaller than ours, we have been able to use the Nikken Travel Comforter. He has the Kenko Dream Pillow, and we just took some of the latex filling out of it so that it’s not so high for his head. Feel free to email me, if you have questions about the Nikken Sleep System and how it can be beneficial to children who need sleep the most.

Children With High Energy or Sleep Challenges

The relaxing and calming environment produced by the Nikken Sleep System is ideal for children who have lots of energy or who have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. These technologies simply replicate Earth’s energies, so they are safe for babies, too. I have personally seen great results in my good friend’s baby from his sleeping with these technologies, and I know of many more people who swear by this sleep environment.

Nikken Sleep System: Sizes Available

The Nikken Sleep System is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. The twin and full sizes come with one pillow, while the Queen, King, and California King come with two pillows.

magnets and animals

Our neighbor’s kitty used to come over and bolt into our bedroom so that he could sleep on our far infrared comforter, on top of the magnetic mattress pad. It makes me think animals understand far infrared energy and and negative ions in the Nikken technologies, too!

Nikken Sleep System Technologies

Nikken uses “Adaptive Sleep Technologies” in their Kenko Sleep System.

“Adaptive Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to help you sleep better, get more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep.”- Nikken Sleep Center 

Nikken Sleep System: Main Features

  • Proper support for spinal alignment
  • Temperature regulation
  • Relaxing and calming atmosphere
  • Natural materials for a natural sleep environment. What does Natural Sleep Environment mean?

Nikken Sleep System Comparison with Other Products

Researching your sleep system options is an excellent idea. I know that Nikken’s Sleep System is the most inclusive, but it’s up to you to see the comparison for themselves. For an overview of design and technologies, you can refer to this chart: Compare Kenko Sleep Technologies with Other Products. The comparison covers the following:

  • Nikken Kenko Naturest Sleep System
  • Savvy Rest Natural Latex Topper
  • Sueno Natural Rubber Mattress Topper
  • Organic Comfort Wool Mattress Topper
  • Horn Organics Natural Wool Mattress Topper
  • Natura Eco Haven Latex Mattress Topper
  • Suite Sleep Natural Rubber Mattress Topper

Nikken Sleep System Cost: Save 10-40%

There are 2 ways to save on the Nikken Sleep System price. I will break it down for you, now.

Option 1: Use my Promotional Code to save 20% on the Nikken Sleep System

Become my customer and use my Nikken Promotional Code. The code will save you 10% off your entire purchase (code is found on the home page of my Nikken website. If you buy the Sleep System as a pack, Nikken already takes 10% off the individual component prices. So, if you buy the Nikken Vital Sleep Pack (all components as a set), then you get 10% off from Nikken and 10% off from me. That’s 20% off your Nikken Sleep System: Buy the Nikken Sleep System from my Nikken website in this way.

Option 2: Buy at Consultant Prices for 40% off the Sleep System Components

If you register as a Nikken Consultant, instead of as a customer, and you buy the Nikken Sleep System within your first 60 days of registering as a Consultant, then you save an additional 20% off the individual components (that makes your savings 40% off the individual retail prices of the Sleep System components). This is by far the best price. Become a Nikken Consultant to buy the Nikken Sleep System  My ID is 859695000 for when it asks for a Nikken Sponsor ID.

Nikken Sleep System Vital Sleep Pack

Purchasing the Vital Sleep Pack as a Consultant, within 60 days of sign-up is the most cost-effective way to buy Nikken sleep products.


Nikken Sleep System Video by Nikken HQ in California

Nikken Sleep System | Save 10-40% on New Sleep Products

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