Nikken Promotional Code | Discount Code for Nikken Products- Sleep System, Waterfall, Filters, and More!

Nikken Promotional Code | Nikken Products

My Nikken promotional code is my gift to you to say “thank you” for having me as your Nikken Consultant. I welcome you to accept 10% off any of your Nikken products with my Nikken Promotional Code, which works on my Nikken website, as my registered Customer.

*If you would like to be my Nikken Customer, please feel free to email me and I can register you so that you can place your order with my discount code!

My Nikken Website:

Nikken Promotional Code: 101525

OR You Can Become a Nikken Consultant

For Wholesale Prices and 40% off Sleep Products

For the biggest discount on your products- to buy any of the Nikken products at wholesale prices, register as a Nikken Consultant. The Sleep products can be purchased at sign-up for about 40% off their retail individual prices, so it’s a good deal to register as a consultant, if you are considering the Sleep System.

  • *Please note: Nikken Consultants buy at wholesale prices, but we still pay retail taxes as though we are going to sell the products at retail prices once we receive them. It makes sense to become a Consultant, if you plan to buy more than about $500 worth of product in the next 12 months (or if you want to do the business to earn income). If you only want a few of the smaller priced items, then it would be most affordable to use my Nikken Promotional Code.

Details on How to Use the Nikken Promotional Code

To use my Nikken Promotional Code, you will need to be my Nikken Customer. If you are new to Nikken, your info won’t be stored, so you can go ahead and order directly on my Nikken website, entering 101525 in the Payment area space. If you have ordered from Nikken in the past, but you would like me to be your Consultant, then please feel free to email me and I will set you up!

If you wish to place your order by phone, you may do so, but Nikken does not accept promo codes on phone orders. Nikken HQ: 1- 800-669-8859 (option 2). Nikken will need the following info because all orders need to be placed under a Nikken Consultant’s name/ID:

My name: Nadine Staaf

Nikken Consultant ID: 859695000

Which Products Can You Buy With Nikken Promo Code?

The Nikken Promotional Code can be used on any Nikken products that you can purchase on my Nikken website. Some of the items include the following:

  • Kenko Sleep System (magnetic mattress pad, far infrared comforter with magnets, and magnetic pillow)- the optimal sleep environment!
  • PiMag Waterfall and Water Filters- both older and newer versions of the filters can be purchased on my website.
  • KenkoAir Purifier (ULPA Air Filtration with Negative Ion technology)
  • KenkoLight II Full spectrum light lamp
  • Kenzen Organic Nutritionals, such as the Jade GreenZymes (organic barley grass), Whole Food Supplements for men and women
  • Vital Balance Meal Replacement Mix (clean weight management product that is designed to help eliminate sugar cravings). I LOVE this product!
  • Immunity/ 14 Mushroom Complex
  • Bone Health Pack and the individual components (OsteoDenx, Lactoferrin Gold, and CalDenx)
  • and more of the Best Nikken Products

Can I use the Nikken Promotional Code on Older Filters?

Yes! You just need to register as my Customer to buy Nikken products with the promo code. *If you have purchased from Nikken in the past, but you don’t have a current consultant, you can email me to let me know that you would like me to be your consultant and I can register you on the back-end of my Nikken website, if you’re having troubles. Simply email me, please.

The older Nikken product filters are available for the  following systems, and more, on my Nikken website:

  • PiMag Deluxe Countertop and Under Counter Water Systems
  • PiMag Aqua Pour Gravity Water System
  • PiMag Aqua Pour Express Filter and Carafe
  • PiMag Microjet Filters
  • PiMag Sport Bottle Filters and Spout
  • Air Wellness Power 5 Air Filters
  • Air Wellness Traveler Air Filters

Nikken Promotions

nikken promotional codeAs an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant, I have the ability to discount my website prices, to a certain degree. I cannot discount too much, or I would not be able to maintain my Nikken business very well.

I would like to provide you with the opportunity to order some products that you may have been thinking about for a while, and to be able to do it now instead of “later”. Ordering online is effective, safe, easy, and well–pretty fun!

Nikken Promotional Code on All Products

I encourage you to spend some time on my blog and on the Nikken Products pages to learn all about the Nikken technologies and how they can benefit you, your family, and the ones you love.

How Long is the Nikken Promotional Code Valid?

Until further notice, the Nikken promotional code on my Nikken website will be available for you to use. It will not work on other people’s Nikken websites, though. You will need to be my Nikken Customer to take advantage of my offer.

Buy at Wholesale as a Nikken Consultant with Me!

For a deeper discount (if you are interested in becoming a distributor with Nikken, at a sign-up fee of $60 US/ $68 CDN), please feel free to email me.

I wish you the very best with all of the things in your life, and especially with your 5 Pillars of Health.


Nadine Staaf
Your Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant 859695000
Nikken Promotional Code: 101525

nikken promotional code

Nikken Promotional Code | Discount Code for Nikken Products- Sleep System, Waterfall, Filters, and More!

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story and get 10% off all your Nikken products: Nikken Consultant, Nadine Staaf
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