Nikken Jade GreenZymes | Organic Barley Grass Supplement

Nikken Jade GreenZymes

Nikken Jade GreenZymes

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Nikken Jade GreenZymes is a superfood for many reasons, including the fact that it has a detoxifying effect on the body. Nikken Jade GreenZymes is certified Organic and gluten-free, and this young grass is grown in PiMag water, so the barley grass is grown in the best possibly environment for a perfect food. It is picked at the perfect time so that the most nutrients and energy can be had by the consumer. If you’re someone who understands Wheat grass, then you’ll appreciate knowing that barley grass is BETTER than wheat grass.

Nikken Jade GreenZymes Also Known As…

You may have heard some other terms for Nikken Jade GreenZymes, which include the following (it’s all the same product, if it’s by Nikken and coming from Nikken). The formulations have improved, over the years, with today’s Nikken Jade GreenZymes being the most nutritious and best quality barley grass supplement around:

  • Nikken Jade Greens
  • Jade Green Enzymes
  • Kenzen Jade GreenZymes
  • Jade Greens
  • Nikken barley grass
  • Nikken green barely

My Experience with the Nikken Jade GreenZymes

It’s important to me to give people my honest review, based on my own experience with the Nikken products. Like anything that has detox properties, it may seem to some people like their health products (if they’re really good products) are actually working against them. This is what I mean:

When I began taking the Jade GreenZymes, my body went through a shift from less healthy to more healthy. The skin on my face broke out, for a short period of time, because my body was letting go of whatever toxins had been stored inside for so many years. Not everyone has a dramatic detox, but I clearly had something to release. After not too long, my skin was glowing (and I wasn’t pregnant. lol). I noticed an increase in my alertness as well. The reason I noticed an alertness and increased energy is because I stopped taking the supplement for a while and I could see that I was less alert than I had been when taking the barley grass supplements.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend this product to someone who wants better health, and I recommend for people to take it on a consistent basis. It’s meant to supplement our every day, not just once in a while. There is power in consistency with any health regime and using the Nikken Jade GreenZymes is not an exception. It’s important to keep taking this supplement (unless of course you have some kind of health situation where your doctor has told you to stop taking supplements- but that is not something I can make recommendations on).

To Get the Most out of Nikken Jade GreenZymes

Everything that Nikken makes is designed to put your body at ease and in its highest functioning state of being. To get the most out of your Nikken supplements, it’s a good idea to be drinking the best possible water, which is the Nikken PiMag Waterfall water. This water simply hydrates the body better, with minerals, purification, and is passed through a magnetic field so that the water no longer clumps together, like tap and bottled water does. The body recognizes the Nikken water as real water, so it is absorbed by the cells, not seen by the cells as waste. Our family loves this water and my son, who is seven, drinks water happily now!

If you are Interested in Organic Health, You will LOVE…

The purest, cleanest, most digestible, and nutritious shake on the market has got to be the Nikken Vital Balance shake. This is seriously a meal replacement you need to purchase, if you are someone who doesn’t want “good” or “better”, but wants the BEST. Take a read through and watch the video by Roger Drummer: Nikken Vital Balance Meal Replacement Probiotic Drink.

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Nikken Jade GreenZymes | Organic Barley Grass Supplement

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