Nikken Vital Balance | Meal Replacement Shake

Nikken Vital Balance

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Possibly one of the most important of the nutritional products that Nikken has introduced is the Nikken Vital Balance meal replacement shake. Why? Weight management is one of the biggest struggles for people in the United States and in many other parts of the world. Nikken is helping people with this important product.

Nikken Vital Balance : Whole Food Protein

Simply put, you can curb your sugar cravings in about a week when you replace your regular breakfast with the Nikken Vital Balance meal replacement. First, drink a glass of Nikken PiMag water (because Nikken water is more hydrating on every cell than is regular tap or bottled water), then have the Nikken Vital Balance. Be sure to watch the whole video, below, as Roger Drummer gives some very helpful tips and information. This shake is made with all vegetable protein, Not animal protein.

Ingredients in the Nikken Vital Balance

Nikken Vital Balance Ingredients List

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Nikken Vital Balance consists of ingredients which work to burn fat, boost metabolism, and assist the body with detoxifying and healthy brain function. With probiotics, the immune system and the digestive system are both supported. Take a look at the Nikken Vital Balance Ingredients List. It’s pretty impressive!

Calories in the Nikken Vital Balance

Nikken Vital Balance is an organic-based meal replacement beverage that can be mixed with water, juice, milk alternatives, or regular milk, and it has 125 calories per serving. “Counting calories is boring!”- Roger Drummer (video below)

Nikken Vital Balance : Safe for Diabetics

The Nikken Vital Balance shake is safe for people with diabetes because it is not made with sugar or artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors, salts, preservatives, etc. It is literally the cleanest protein shake on the market, today, and is made with real vanilla. If you find one that has more pure ingredients, then I welcome you to post your comment, below.

Weight Management with Nikken Vital Balance Shake

Again, check out the video, below. Roger explains that you can lose the weight you need to lose by replacing the first meal of your day, every day for at least a week, with the Nikken Vital Balance meal replacement. It doesn’t take a lot more dieting than that, but people looking for better health should eat healthy all day long, whenever possible.

The Body Heals Itself

When the body is provided with the nutrients and the energies and the environment that it needs, the body does all the work it needs to do to be well and the thrive. Roger Drummer, world renown speaker, Chinese herbalist, and more, explains this very well in the video below. This could be one of the most important videos of your life, so I highly recommend you listen to it through to the very last minute.

Buy Nikken Vital Balance for 10% Off

In the United States and in Canada, you may purchase Nikken Vital Balance from my Nikken website. Be sure to use my promotional code, if you don’t plan on becoming a consultant. It’s a better price to buy as a consultant, but feel free to go the promotional code route, if that is what works best for you. I welcome your questions, if you have questions.  To buy in other countries, you can become a Nikken consultant and order from your own website. Contact me for details.

Nikken Vital Balance Review

I absolutely LOVE this shake. I like to drink it in a tall glass with half the glass filled with unsweetened almond milk and half filled with PiMag Water. I find it a bit more filling this way, and it keeps me full longer. I ran out of Nikken Vital Balance and I gained back the five pounds I dropped when I had been drinking it. So, I began ordering it again, this month, and sticking with it!

Nikken Vital Balance | Meal Replacement Shake

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