Nikken Testimonials and Nikken Reviews

Nikken Testimonials,  Reviews, and Experiences with Nikken Products

nikken testimonials

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Nikken testimonials and reviews are important and inspiring. If you have a review of the Nikken Products or business, please email me with your Nikken testimonialsFor a better understanding of Nikken, please have a read through my article about How Nikken Works. It breaks things down so that it’s easier to understand why Nikken works so well for people in their quest for health and vitality. These Nikken testimonials are not medical claims; they are people’s experiences. 

mStrides Magnetic Insoles Testimonial - Roger Drummer

mStrides Testimonial- Nikken Magnetic Insoles

Steve Austin: “As a young guy, dealing with the daily aches and pains of fibromyalgia and degnerative arthritis, I’ll never forget the week I walked a full three miles between breaks at work.  It just so happens this was the first week I had worn my mStrides, too!  Nikken has made a believer out of me!”

Nikken Review of the MagDuo for Tension

Doug Markert: “I use the MagDuo in my practice when using the Body Code. They are light, compact, and simple to use. We use the magnets on ourselves to remove aches and tension, anywhere on the body. They are much better than using pain killers.  We would not be without them.”

Nikken Testimonial on the Kenko PowerSleep Mask

Sleep Mask Magnetic Mattress Pad

Nikken PowerSleep Mask

Lindsey Austin: “So, I thought my husband was crazy spending money on this Nikken stuff… I GET it now. I’ve been using the sleep mask for a week and it’s truly amazing! It seriously makes me feel like it doubles the amount of sleep I’m getting. And it is the only thing that relieves migraine pain when even my prescription medication won’t work. And it could not have come at a better time for this sleep deprived mommy of 2.”

Nikken Testimonial on the PiMag Waterfall

Lindsay Rose: “I love my Nikken Waterfall. It’s been so easy to refill, and it tastes so smooth and refreshing, every single glass!”

Nikken Review on the Nikken Wellness Home

nikken testimonials

Bring Mother Nature’s Elements into your home for an energetically balanced environment.

Maggie McKee: “I had chronic pain for 30 years before investing in the Nikken wellness home. That was 18 years ago and I am grateful every day to be pain free.”

Nikken Testimonials on Knees and the MagDuo

Heather Solomonson: “Since I was a teen, my knees have hurt. Sometimes a horrible, incapacitating pain, and at other times just a dull reminder of pain. The state of my knees was always on my mind and played a roll in activities I chose to take part in, or avoided. I have taken supplements, gone for acupressure, done a variety of strengthening exercises, worn a brace, invested in pricey insoles- all to varying levels of short lived success.

nikken testimonials

Magnets that Heather Solomonson is mentioning in her Nikken testimonial

I am so thankful that I put aside my skepticism long enough to try one more thing. I have been using the Nikken magnets on my knees for over a month now primarily pain free. My knees still give me the occasional dull reminder twinge if I have forgotten about the magnets for a couple of days. A welcome reminder for something that has given me the ability to forget about the state of my knees and just enjoy life!”

Nikken Testimonials on Neck and Head with Nikken Products

nikken testimonials

Many of the Nikken products that I, Nadine Staaf, use on a daily basis and which I wrote about in my Nikken testimonial.

Nadine Staaf: “Before I started using the Nikken products, I had two years of migraine headaches, neck tension, and I didn’t want to drink my tap water because it tasted bad, and felt awful in my body. I started my Nikken business because of my health turnaround and the vitality I feel now. I don’t go a day without the technologies. I want other people to know they have health options that are safe, natural, non-invasive, and effective. I want to see children grow up in a world that focuses on healthy prevention, not pharmaceuticals.”

Nikken Testimonials on Sleep and the Powerband Neck

Nikken Testimonials Magnet Necklace

Nikken Poweband Neck

Kelsie Tougas: “I wore my magnet necklace to bed last night because I’ve been having really awful sleeps, waking up tired with headaches every morning. I have to say, I had the best sleep that I’ve had in months, woke up with no headache, feeling light and open ( especially around the heart area). VERY COOL!!”

Nikken Testimonials on Small Children with the Pet Pad

nikken testimonials- magnetic pet pad The magnetic pet pad that Wayne Woodworth mentions in his Nikken testimonial that fit in his child’s crib.

Wayne Woodworth: “When I started with Nikken my son was 6 months old and his teeth were just starting to grow in. My daughter is a year and a half older than him and she was up twice a night, three nights a week when her teeth were coming in. It was miserable, and not something I cared to go through again. I was told that the magnetic pet pad was the perfect size for my son’s crib and would help him sleep, so we tried it out. With the pad, he only had two rough nights while his teeth were growing in. He wasn’t up crying twice per night, not twice a week, just twice during the entire time that his teeth were growing in. That’s a big deal for parents with young kids.”

Nikken Testimonials on the Powerband Neck

Vivianne LaFrance: “I wasn’t able to turn my head to the left more than about 1/3 of the way toward my shoulder and it was very painful. Within 3 hours of wearing the Nikken Powerband neck I was able to turn my head normally and with no pain. I wear it everyday now, even to sleep!”

Nikken Testimonials on Neck Movement and the Powerband Neck

Anders Staaf: “I had great results with the Nikken products. My neck was out of place and after using the Powerband Neck and the Sleep System for less then a week my neck is back in place and making great progress. I have full range of motion again.”

Nikken Testimonials on Breathing and PiMag Water

Nikken testimonials-best water bottle with filter

The Nikken filter water bottle that Solange Umo mentions in her Nikken testimonial!

Solange Umo: “I used to suffer from really bad asthma. My symptoms reduced substantially after I started using the Nikken products. Now I only drink Nikken PiMag water. Interestingly, it has happened a few times (before I had the Nikken Sport Bottle), that I had no choice but drink tap chlorinated water, and straight away, I could feel my asthma symptoms coming back.”

Nikken and Breathing Testimonials with Air Purifier

nikken testimonials-ion air filter

The Nikken travel air filter that Clinton talks about in his Nikken testimonial.

Clinton Staaf:  “I love the air purifier i got that produces negative ions i had a hard time breathing while sleeping but now i sleep and breathe so much better.”

Nikken Reviews on Children’s Health

How this family faced their son’s Autism with Nikken’s health technologies: their story (video) here.

Nikken Testimonials Video on Wellness Home

Steve Austin’s Nikken Journey

Steve Austin’s success with the Nikken products and business opportunity is inspiring and exciting.Talk to Steve about what he’s doing differently and how he is working to get his body into a state where his body heals itself.

Nikken Rollout Testimonials

Matthew Ashdown: Thank you Nadine and Roxanne for an awesome demonstration yesterday. Nicole and I have expanded upon the vision that we have for our home and look forward to continuing to work closely with you both. You are both amazing women doing an amazing things for safe homes. Love it!”

Understanding Nikken Testimonials

I have listed the people’s names and links to their profiles so that people can see that these Nikken testimonials are from people who are real-life individuals, not so that these people can be overloaded with emails. Please be respectful of this, and contact me, to learn more about the Nikken products, or for more Nikken testimonials like the ones above.

The Importance of Hydration and Magnets

Certain factors seem to be related to a person’s success with magnetic energy. The fact is that magnetic energy doesn’t just affect some people. It is science and it affects everyone. It seems that if people are better hydrated, they see better results with using these technologies. If you think of your health in any area (digestion, brain function, etc) all of those things are improved with proper hydration as well. So, it just makes sense.

My Nikken Story

To learn about why I am so passionate about sharing Nikken with people, please feel free to ready “My Story” on my Nikken website. I would love to help you with your health, when you are ready. Please contact me for more Nikken testimonials.

Nikken Testimonials and Nikken Reviews

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