Nikken Vital Packs | Additional Discount with Promo Code

What are Nikken Vital Packs?

Nikken combines several of their most innovative technologies to make up the Nikken Vital Packs, which are groups of products for daytime use, for improving the indoor environment, and for nighttime use. Here is a rundown of the packs, their composition, and the Nikken Vital Packs choice that I recommend as a best start.

nikken vital packs

*Please note: Nikken discounts the Nikken Vital Packs by 10% and by using my promotional code to get an additional 10% off, you will be saving 20% off the regular product retail prices- great deal!

Nikken Vital Day Pack

The Nikken Vital Day Pack is one of the best pack choices for daytime use, hence its name. Take a look at all that comes in this pack and you will quickly see the savings. The Vital Day Pack consists of the following items (please see my Nikken website for any updates. Link to my Nikken website: Nikken Vital Packs (choose USA or Canada flag upon entering for accurate pricing or any product updates):

  • KenkoSeat II seat cushion with magntic technology embedded (I find sitting to be so much more comfortable with this cushion)
  • Kenko Powerband Neck (black)
  • Kenko Powerband Wrist (black- large)
  • Kenko MagFlex (ideal for back support)
  • Kenko MagDuo (perfect for rolling on any area of the body)
  • Kenko PowerChip (best to use with the KenkoTherm wraps)
  • KenkoTherm Knee Wrap (large)
  • PiMag Sport Bottle water bottle with filter- way better than wasting plastic water bottles and drinking dangerous chemicals
  • Kenko mStrides (large) magnetic, far-infrared, negative ion insoles
  • Kenzen CiagaV (2) super fruit antioxidant juice (kids tend to love it and it can be mixed into smoothies nicely)
  • Jade GreenZymes jar organic barley grass supplement (the best I have seen available, grown with PiMag water in a pristine environment, the way nature intended)
nikken vital packs vital day pack

If you buy at retail, be sure to take 10% off at the checkout with my promotional code: 101525

If you see an item or two that you don’t plan on using (the KenkoTherm Knee Wrap, perhaps), then you probably know someone who could benefit from it. This is one of the Nikken Vital Packs that I started with because I saw a use for each of the products on myself or someone I knew.

Use my Promotional Code for 10% off, in the Checkout area, on my Nikken store. The promotional code is 101525

Buy Nikken Vital Packs in Canada

Buy Nikken Vital Packs in USA

*If you plan to buy other products as well as the Nikken Vital Packs, then you can sign-up as a Nikken Consultant, first, and purchase your Nikken Vital Day Pack at the consultant wholesale price. Sign-up as a Nikken Consultant Please note: consultants still pay retail taxes on the consultant price because Nikken is very good about abiding by all tax laws for each state/province. 

Nikken Vital Environment Pack

If you’re someone who is conscious of the energy in your environment and you want the purest, most toxin-free living environment possible, then this is one of the Nikken Vital Packs that you will definitely want to invest in. The Nikken Vital Environment Pack includes the following items:

  • PiMag Waterfall gravity water filtration system (makes alkaline, ionized, filtered mineral water that’s truly unbeatable)
  • PiMag MicroJet shower system wall mount and handheld (it feels so good to shower in pure, energetic water!)
  • KenkoAir Purifier air filtration system for safe ionized filtered air, like you would find it in a rain forest
  • KenkoLight II full-spectrum light lamp (2)
nikken vital packs vital environment pack

Be sure to take 10% off your already discounted Vital Environment Pack by using this promotional code in the checkout area: 101525

Purchase the Nikken Vital Packs by visiting my Nikken website at and choosing your country (Canada or USA). On the left side of the screen, choose “Vital Environment Pack” for the retail price. Take 10% off with my promotional code, at the checkout, which is 101525.

Or, you can buy at the wholesale price: Sign-up as a Nikken Consultant to buy at wholesale. Please note: retail taxes still apply when consultants purchase at wholesale prices.

Nikken Vital Sleep Pack

The Nikken Vital Sleep Pack combines Nikken’s patented magnetic, far-infrared and negative-ion technologies to ensure a person has the most natural, non-chemical and safe sleep environment around. The sleep technologies are designed to provide humans and animals with deep rejuvenating sleep (I love ours!)

nikken vital packs vital sleep pack

The Nikken Vital Sleep Pack comes with either one or two pillows (depending upon the size of mattress you have). I recommend purchasing this pack as a consultant (link to sign-up is below).

The most affordable way to buy this pack is at the wholesale price, within 60 days of signing up as a consultant with Nikken: Sign-up as a Nikken Consultant. If you simply don’t want to be a consultant, then feel free to take 10% off with my promotional code, as a customer on my Nikken website. 

Which Nikken Vital Packs Should I Buy First?

Ideally, you would have all the products and be merry. The fact is that most people need to purchase one pack at a time, simply for financial reasons. If you can currently manage all of it, then purchase all 3 of the Nikken Vital Packs.

If you need to buy only one, to begin with, then I recommend you start with the Vital Environment Pack. The reason being that once you begin enjoying the benefits of breathing clean air and drinking clean water (and absorbing it through your skin when you shower), you will understand what Nikken is all about. There are so many benefits to having a “Vital” environment that is more like a natural outdoor environment than a modern polluted indoor environment.

Email Me with Your Questions

Do you have specific questions that I haven’t covered on this website? Please feel free to email me first , at any time, and I will gladly respond as quickly as possible (usually within a few hours). If you need a phone call, we can schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss the Nikken Vital Packs or the business opportunity- whichever you are interested in.

Wishing you and your family total health and wellness,

Nadine Staaf
Nikken Consultant 859 695 000

Nikken Vital Packs | Additional Discount with Promo Code

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story
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