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The Nikken Waterfall is a home water filter that is incomparable when it comes to quality and value for your dollar. There is really no question as to how important it is to have high quality drinking water available in the home, for adults and children alike. Learn about the Nikken Waterfall and learn about how you can have premium water in your home for pennies per glass.

Nikken Waterfall: Alkaline

The Nikken Waterfall creates alkaline water. Alkaline water can help to offset a typical modern diet, which consists of foods that become too acidic to the body when they have been consumed. Due to the fact that alkaline water decreases oxidation reduction potential (ORP), alkaline water acts more like an antioxidant in the body, instead of a free radical.home water filter NIKKEN

Nikken Waterfall: Magnetic Water

Water that flows through a magnetic field is naturally conditioned, without the addition of salt or other chemicals. The ionizing effect produces ions which work to further neutralize the free radicals in typical tap and bottled water. Water that passes through a magnetic field is “unclumped”, which means that the water molecules are more easily absorbed by each cell in your body, compared to bottled or tap water. This makes for a more hydrating water for every cell in the body.

Nikken Waterfall: Gravity Filtered

The Nikken Waterfall doesn’t have a plug, so it doesn’t need to be plugged into any power source, and it doesn’t affect your household water pressure. All you need to do is pour tap water into the top of the system, let it filter through the top compartment, into the bottom compartment, and then enjoy filtered, mineral, ionized, alkaline water that exceeds NSF standards for safe drinking water.

Nikken Waterfall: Mineral Water

pimag waterfall mineral stones

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Through the several stages of advanced filtration, the water is provided with valuable minerals. In addition, the stones that you see in the bottom compartment of the system are the “mineral stones” which provide minerals to the water, and thus to your body. Essential minerals are lacking in a modern diet and simply aren’t readily available in most tap & bottled water.


The Nikken Waterfall is biodegradable. Yes- the system will biodegrade in the proper landfill conditions. I have had my system for almost two years now and it looks as good as new, but I know that when the time comes (not for a long time) that the environment will not take a beating by me disposing of the Waterfall.

Portable Nikken Water

Another benefit of this home water filter system to not needing a power source is that it is easily transported, and it is light for its size, so carrying it is quite manageable. The system is an excellent addition to any workplace, party or gathering, and outdoor event because it can be filled with regular tap water and you know that you will be drinking the highest quality “living” water. Nikken doesn’t recommend people move the Waterfall around, for longest life, although the box it comes in acts as the perfect carrier!

Nikken: Trusted Partner of Healthy Child Healthy World

water filter for chloramine healthy child healthy worldHealthy Child Healthy World is a US organization that advocates for a healthier, toxic-free world for children to grow up in. Nikken is a Trusted Partner of this organization and the Waterfall is just one of Nikken’s entire product line which meets their stringent standards. We’re very proud that the Waterfall doesn’t contain or leech potentially dangerous chemicals into our drinking water! Love it!

Water Quality Association & National Sanitation Foundation

Nikken water is given the Gold Seal in water quality by the Water Quality Association and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. These are important certifications.

gold seal approved by water quality association

National Sanitation Foundation Certified Nikken Water

FAQ on the Nikken Waterfall

Is it Made of Plastic and Toxins?

Nikken’s Waterfall doesn’t contain potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals. There is no BPA or other toxins, so you know that you’re not drinking something that is bad for you. The water tastes crystal clear with no plastic taste whatsoever. The container feels like plastic, but it isn’t plastic (please see the video, below for the full explanation from Nikken). Nikken is a Trusted Partner of Healthy Child Healthy World, and it’s for a good reason. Let’s keep our kids safe!

Why is the Nikken Waterfall so cost effective?

Nikken has been in business since 1975 and has continued to research and develop the best and most effective natural health products. The reason that the Waterfall is a whole lot less expensive than other systems that don’t offer nearly the same level of technology is that Nikken operates in nearly 40 countries. Nikken has millions of customers worldwide, therefore they produce a LOT of these systems. Due to the fact that so many are produced, the cost can be made more affordable to many people. Compare the Nikken Waterfall with other systems and you will see that the Waterfall offers way more value for a much lower price.

Another reason that the Nikken Waterfall is inexpensive is because Nikken is a direct sales company, which means that Nikken doesn’t spend their money advertising and renting shelf space in stores. Nikken products are not sold in stores and only purchased through individual Nikken consultants.

Is the Nikken Waterfall also a water cooler?

The home water filter system, Nikken Waterfall, described above, is not designed to make the water cold. In saying that, when cold water is poured into the top compartment, filtered through, and consumed quickly, you may end up with the cold water you are seeking.

An easy solution for fulfilling a need for cold water is to make ice cubes out of the filtered water so that when you pour yourself a glass of the filtered water, and you add ice to it, you are not contaminating your clean water with chlorinated ice cubes.

Do you need to Clean the Nikken Waterfall?

Cleaning out the system is a really simple process. Once you have done it once or twice, and you know what to do, cleaning it out only takes a few minutes. I recommend cleaning it out once every month, but take a look for yourself, once you get using it, because depending upon the quality of the water that you are putting in, you may want to give it a rinse more often than monthly. How to Clean the Nikken Waterfall.

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For Nikken’s full description of the home water filter PiMag Waterfall, you can visit my Nikken website where you can also choose to purchase or read more about Nikken’s other water technologies, which are found in the Nikken shower head filter and the Nikken Sport Bottle.

Here is a PiMag Nikken Waterfall video which shows the Nikken Waterfall system in action. Dave Balzer, Nikken’s Technical Adviser, explains some of the newest features of the Waterfall, and how it truly outperform’s Nikken’s previous water filtration systems on so many levels. Enjoy!

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Everyone should have a Nikken Waterfall home water filter. Would you agree?

Nikken Waterfall | PiMag Home Water Filter

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