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by Nadine Staaf

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Nikken mStrides magnetic insoles are now available to buy online!

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I watched a video done by Dr. Nelson for the new mStrides magnetic insoles that Nikken has recently unveiled, and I’m excited about the health technologies that are incorporated into these insoles!

The MagSteps have been phenomenally successful, since 1975, when they were brought out by Nikken. These new mStrides offer so much more technology, and I have been wearing them since they came out and LOVE them!

I wear the Nikken mStrides Magnetic Insoles All Day

The first time I put the mStrides on, I felt tingling in my feet. I had been wearing the old MagSteps for a year and a half, so I was surprised that I felt different by wearing the mStrides. Now, I don’t take them off, unless I am asleep because I sleep in the Sleep System, anyhow. I wear the mStrides in my slippers, in the house, and in my shoes when I am out.

mStrides Magnetic Insoles and Earth’s Magnetic Field

Aside from the fact that we can connect with Earth’s magnetic field through wearing magnetic insoles, I like that the newest mStrides insoles include the negative ion and far infrared technologies, so that energy is literally reflected back to the wearer . How cool is that?!

Roger Drummer Shares his info on the mStrides Magnetic Insoles

mstrides magnetic insolesLike Dr. Greg Nelson says in his video “wearing the mStrides magnetic insoles is like having sunshine in your shoes.” Cute! He’s talking about far-infrared energy, which naturally comes from the sun- and we all know how good we feel when we get to be out in the sunshine!

mStrides Magnetic Insoles are Breathable, not Sweaty

Another innovative feature of these mStrides insoles, which I have never seen in other insoles, is that they are noticeably more breathable than they have been in the past. I have enjoyed that very much, especially because I am wearing them so often.

With the older version of the magnetic insoles, I found that my feet could become sweaty when wearing them for a long period of time. The MagSteps were still substantially better than other insoles for long-term wear in any of my shoes, but it’s nice to have more airflow!

Here is Dr. Greg Nelson explaining the features of the new mStrides magnetic insoles. I’m sure that there will be a whole bunch of  reviews to see on the NIKKEN Testimonials page soon, so be sure to check back!

mStrides Magnetic Insoles Video by Dr. Greg Nelson

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MStrides Magnetic Insoles | A Nikken Product for Everyone

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