Organic Energy Drink Alternative | Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Drink Mix

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Organic Energy Drink Alternative

organic energy drink alternative nikken kenzen ten4

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It is now the norm for people to consume something for greater energy. Most people drink coffee. Energy drinks are becoming more popular, though, and the implications of consuming high amounts of toxic chemicals could be disasterous.

When I think of all the teenagers drinking those little 3-hour energy shots and consuming all those pink bull drinks, I feel concerned. Thankfully, Nikken has come out with a healthier alternative for people who still want caffeine, but who care about what they are drinking. I’m excited!

Nikken has designed an organic energy drink alternative. It’s called Nikken Kenzen Ten4 and it’s main ingredient is Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. It doesn’t contain anything a person would be scared to put in their body, either. Here is the full list of ingredients, as per the box, in order:

  • Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (leaf)
  • Organic Kiwi Powder (fruit)
  • Green Tea Extract (leaf)
  • Organic Black Tea (leaf)
  • Organic White Tea (leaf)
  • Organic Oolong Tea (leaf)
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Wild Berry flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Organic Blueberry Powder
  • Organic Stevia Extract

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6

I’m also impressed to see that Nikken’s organic energy drink alternative also naturally gives a person their Vitamin B6 and B12 servings and only 5g of organic sugar, per serving. A much better choice compared to coffee and any of other things on the market.

Benefits of Drinking Nikken Kenzen Ten4

The alertness from natural caffeine is obviously a benefit in itself. You can also see that by removing the toxicity of coffee from your diet, you’re cleaning up your system. Some of the benefits of Ten4 include:

  1. Cleaner energy
  2. 80mg of smooth caffeine
  3. Organic goodness
  4. Up to 6-hours of clear energy
  5. Helps to burn calories and boost metabolism
  6. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives
  7. Supports mental alertness and clarity
  8. Only 25 calories

Caffeine without the Jitters or Crash

I think what makes the Kenzen Ten4 so special is the jitter-free aspect. Coffee tends to give me the jitters and I usually notice a crash after not too long of a period. Drinking coffee actually makes me want to drink more coffee… Vicious cycle. But, I noticed with Nikken’s organic energy drink alternative that I had a ton of energy, but I wasn’t jittery and I didn’t crash. It was a smooth alertness that I just don’t get with coffee.

Up to 6-hours of Clean Energy

When I was consuming Ten4, during my trip to California, I am certain that I received more than 6-hours of energy, but Nikken only claims *up to 6-hours of energy*.. Still, much better than the other scary energy drink products out there, today.

In Water or Not

You can mix it in water, but it’s just as delicious to pour directly onto your tongue (don’t breathe in the powder, of course). It’s perfectly sweet, but not too sweet. It tastes green and healthy, and it’s easy when you don’t have water with you to pour it into.

New Zealand Kiwi

New Zealand Kiwi is a component in the Ten4 and it’s one of the most nutrient-dense superfruits, in the world. I love that this drink makes it easy to consume energy in a healthy way.

Part of Your Weight Management Plan

Due to the fact that the Nikken Kenzen Ten4 is only 25 calories, boosts metabolism, and helps to burn calories, it only makes sense that someone would consider its addition into their weight-management plan.

10% off as my Customer

I have always offered all of my customers 10% off their Nikken products. The same will apply to your Ten4 purchase. To be my customer, simply head over to my Nikken Consultant website and read the instructions on the “My Story” page. The promotional code is also there: Nikken Consultant and Promotional Code There is a place where you can email me, if you have any questions.

Ten4 in Canada

The drink is not yet available in Canada (it’s only available in the United States, right now), but please email me, if you’re in Canada and you’d like me to send you an email when it’s available. I know that I’m super excited for the day it becomes available in Canada! I was lucky enough to visit Nikken HQ in California, so I got to drink it during my trip and have a few to bring home with me. It’s a whole lot better than any other energy source I’ve tried!

Shop Now or Learn More

If you’d like more info, or you want to buy, I welcome you to visit my Nikken shopping page to buy your organic energy drink alternative: Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Energy Drink Mix There’s a link on that page where you can email me, if you need more details!

Thanks for looking after your health and for considering shopping with me as your Nikken Consultant!

Warmest regards,

Nadine Staaf
Nikken Consultant 859695000

Organic Energy Drink Alternative | Nikken Kenzen Ten4 Drink Mix

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