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Taking a nap on the KenkoSeat is a great thing for a kitty! Animals seriously love the Nikken products!

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How to Become a Nikken Consultant | New and Previous Consultants

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Humans Being More was Love at First Sight

humans being more

Humans Being More put on by Nikken University. A personal program designed for both Nikken and non-Nikken human beings :)

I fell in love with HBM (Humans Being More), 8 years ago, when I was invited as a 22-year old girl, to go along with a good friend of mine, Elaine, and her mom, Roxanne. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that my friends were good people, so I put my trust in that and I went ahead to my very first Humans Being More weekend.

Yesterday, I Completed my 4th Humans Being More

Why have I gone to Humans Being More four times? I would go to HBM every weekend, if it was available that often. Truthfully, HBM is offered all over the world! There are many people who have attended this weekend more than 20 times in their life. It is a mind-opening experience that truly puts people in a better frame of mind and more open to the possibilities that their lives hold for them.

It’s a Weekend for Everyone

Humans Being More isn’t just for people who are a part of Nikken. This is a society-building event and has nothing to do with being a Nikken consultant. It’s not consultant training, but it’s valuable to you if you are in business or if you aren’t in business for yourself.

We Don’t Exercise Only Once in Our Lives

Humans Being More is like exercise for the mind. Just like we don’t exercise our bodies only once in our lifetime, we need to spend time working on our minds. We are capable as human beings of so much more in our lives than we even know, so when we do a training like HBM, we begin to see our bigger potential. We see the value that we add to this world and that we truly deserve freedom and goodness.

humans being more

Humans Being More- Vancouver 2014

It’s Such a Great Investment

When do you take 2 full days and develop your potential? I’m talking serious development, letting go of the past, building your dreams in a conscious manner, creating new relationships with beautiful people, and learning about how to control your own mind in the direction of your desires. At Humans Being More, that’s when. Investing in yourself now will build upon your successes to come.

The Price is Ridiculously Reasonable

If you took the content of Humans Being More and slapped another name on it, the program could be valued at thousands of dollars. Because Nikken sponsors the program, attendees only need to pay roughly $200 for the whole weekend. It’s an amazing opportunity to do a program that you could never experience elsewhere for that price. The bonus- if you come a second time, you only pay about $50. Another bonus- if you come a second time and you bring another person who has never done the program before (newbie), then your registration is free.

Youth attend Free of Charge

Another awesome thing is that Nikken allows one youth to come for free with each paying adult. Youth are considered to be ages 16-22. If you have more than one youth who would like to attend for free, then be sure to contact the event host because there very well could be a paying adult that doesn’t have a youth coming along. So, there may be a free spot available for your second or third youth. Such a great opportunity for young people!

Learn More about Humans Being More

Nikken has a full webpage that describes what you can expect at Humans Being More, and you may check out their Calendar link on that page to see when HBM comes to a city near you.

Humans Being More | Discover Your Personal Potential

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What is Far Infrared Energy?

Before going into the health benefits of far infrared energy, it’s important to understand what far infrared actually is. Simply put, far infrared is a range of the light spectrum that penetrates the body more deeply than “short” infrared. It is a safe energy, unlike microwave energy.

Understanding True Health

Nikken is originally a Japanese company, and it’s important for us to understand that Japan leads in health. USA leads in degenerative disease. Shouldn’t we be taking health advice from the people who know how to be healthy? Nikken stands for “Japanese Health Research Institute” and they have been helping people with their technologies since 1975.

Since that time, Nikken HQ has moved to Irvine, California, but is warehoused in almost 40 countries around the world, with million of satisfied customers. It’s a beautiful company doing wonderful things in the world and I am truly proud to be a part of their success.

Nikken Promotes Health Benefits of Far Infrared

Nikken has developed a specific form of far infrared technology, which uses ceramic-reflective fibers that absorb energy from specific sources, such as sunlight, room temperature, and body heat, to reflect that energy as far infrared waves which penetrate the body. The result is a penetration of gentle warmth that is natural, safe,  and temperature regulated. Learn more about the health benefits of far infrared.

health benefits of far infrared energy

This thermographic image shows someone wearing the KenkoTherm Back Belt and the Kenko MagFlex, and how the body (not just the skin) has changed over a short period of time.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared in Nikken Product Line

Nikken understands the value of a person’s connection to nature, whether it be in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the organic nutrients we’re consuming, or the way we sleep. Nikken has included the far infrared energy into several of their products so that people can remain connected to this important nourishing sunlight energy at all times- day and night. Far infrared is incorporated into these Nikken products (Kenko means ‘Health’ in Japanese):

  • Kenko Sleep System Products
  • KenkoTherm Wraps (knee, wrist, back, ankle, elbow)
  • KenkoTherm Headband
  • Kenko mStrides magnetic insoles (men’s and women’s sizes)
  • Kenko Powerbands (neck and wrist)
  • Kenko Pet Pad
  • Kenko PowerChip
  • Kenko Sport Socks

My Experience With the Nikken Far Infrared Technology

I have been around Nikken technologies long enough to know how effective they are. When my knee is sore, I put the KenkoTherm Knee wrap on. Whether it’s coincidence or science (it’s science), within a short period of time, I feel perfectly fine again. I sleep in the Nikken Sleep System, where I am cocooned in Earth’s energies, all night long.

I have had several major improvements in my health over the past year and a half, and I encourage anyone to use what Nikken has to offer and spend time learning about why you would choose Nikken over any other company. There are many reasons to choose Nikken, not just for the health benefits of far infrared energy. Your health has nothing to lose with Nikken as all of their products are safe.

Medical Claims

As a Nikken Consultant, I am not allowed to make medical claims of curing or treating any particular illness or disease. All I can say is that I have used and have helped others who have used these products to their benefit. I trust the products and I see them working on myself and my family. I wish you all the health possible, and I’m here if you would like to email me your questions.


Nadine Staaf
Your Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant
PS: Be sure to get 10% off your Nikken products with my promotional code (in the tab above, or on the “My Story” page of my Nikken website)

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Energy | Nikken Technologies

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In Japan, You Don’t Have “Fibromyalgia”

I was just listening to a bone health webinar done by a bone health specialist as well as a two-time nobel prize nominee, Dr. Narain Naidu, and this is what I heard, “in Japan, there is no such thing as Fibromyalgia; in Japan, Fibromyalgia is called Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.”

As you can imagine, I found myself very excited for so many people, simply because of the magnetic products that I have my hands on (and my feet on, and my family’s bodies connected to at all times). This is not, of course, a medical claim, but I have seen some very cool results in my own health and changes in the people who are using these products!

My Son Sleeps Snuggling a Magnet

My seven year old son has spent the past year sleeping with a magnet that’s about the size of two full adult size hands. It’s not designed to be slept with, necessarily, and it’s definitely not shaped like a teddy bear. The fact that he asks for it and falls asleep with it on his chest means more to me than it may mean to you.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the ways that magnets affect the body, but the more I learn about magnets, the more I realize how brilliant it is for a child to ask to sleep with one. Animals are also attracted to magnetic energy. We all are- just some of us are aware of the fact that we are.

magnetic field deficiency syndrome

How connected are you to Earth on a daily basis? A walk outside once/day isn’t enough for our bodies to get the amount of nature’s energy that it needs to be vitally healthy.

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Nikken

In 1975, a man named Isamu Masuda invented something called the Magsteps. He went door to door selling the Magsteps and helped a lot of people. They were the world’s first magnetic insoles. Since then, his company, Nikken has become a multi-billion dollar company founded on the principals of connecting people to nature, specifically to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Nikken’s insoles replicate the Earth’s magnetic field and they have done wonders for people’s health and energy levels for almost 40 years. This year, Nikken has come out with their newest version of the insoles, called the Nikken mStrides. They are literally a magnetic field generator that you wear in your shoe. Learn about the mStrides and about ways to overcome Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.

Overcoming Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome

What People are Doing For Best Results

The people who have been around Nikken magnets for the longest periods of time talk about how important it is to stay connected to magnetic energy on both a daytime and nighttime basis. I see this importance in my own health when I forget to change my magnetic insoles over from my shoes to my slippers. I see it in my son when he doesn’t have sore feet during a long walk, but only when he’s wearing the magnetic insoles.

I notice a significant loss of energy, balance, and strength when the insoles are not in my shoes. What are your experiences? Please comment below this post!

Daytime Magnets

Daytime magnets are simply magnets that you wear during the day. This is what I always have on  me and feel at a loss, if I forget to put them on (which is rarely, now, that I forget because I am in LOVE with magnets):


Nikken is a world leader in Sleep Technology. You don’t plug this stuff into the wall. It is advanced technology, which incorporates the Earth’s energies: magnets, negative ions, and far-infrared. These energies together create a calming and relaxing temperature-regulated atmosphere that I absolutely will never go without, from this point on. The sleep products that I use and recommend are the following:

Why Am I So In Love with Magnets?

I have experienced my own health turnaround because of these products, and now, since I have been sharing Nikken for a year and a half, I have been able to help many other people. Seeing people go from struggle to freedom is absolutely blissful. The other day, a lady decided to join me in business because she was experiencing painful neuropathy in her feet after undergoing chemo from cancer treatment. She had gained weight and was in pain when she walked or did any exercising.

After discovering and consistently wearing the Nikken insoles, she was able to exercise again, pain-free (but only when she was wearing the Nikken insoles). Now, she has been able to lose the weight she had gained and she is happy and comfortable. Again, I’m not allowed to make medical claims that these products cure or treat conditions or ailments, but I can say that she is not the only one who I have seen have great success. If you know someone I might be able to help, please send them my way. You can always contact me by email and we can set up a time to talk. I welcome your questions and I wish you the fullness of health in all areas of your life.


Nadine Staaf

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome | Solutions to Stay Connected

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