Filter Water Bottle

A Filter Water Bottle and The Environment

filter water bottlePlastic water bottles negatively affect the environment, whether they are recycled after we use them or not. As we are all moving toward reducing our footprint and creating a better environment for our children to grow up in, we choose to use a reusable filter water bottle that are free of harmful chemicals, and which filter the toxins that are found in typical water sources.

Filter Water Bottles and Convenience

It is more convenient, most often, to carry a filter water bottle than to go into a store and purchase a bottle of water. With a reusable filter water bottle , all you need is a water source. Once your water bottle is filled, the filter does the work for you with every sip. You can trust that with the filter water bottle you can fill up in a public bathroom sink, and come out with water that is of higher quality than the most expensive plastic bottle of water.

Filter Water Bottles and Health

Not only does this filter water bottle make it so that you don’t need to drink the chemicals that leech out of a plastic water bottle, it also removes numerous tap water contaminants. The filter also contains minerals, it creates an alkaline PH, and it contains magnets, which you can learn more about here.

Filter Water Bottles Cost Analysis

Average Price of Bottled Water

filter water bottle

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Filter water bottles, like the PiMag Sport Bottle from Nikken, although the up-front cost may appear daunting to some, are far more economical than purchasing bottled water. The average price of bottled water, according to the International Bottled Water Association, is $1.21. As many of us know, the bottled water that actually tastes good is more pricey, and can near $5.00.

Filter Water Bottle Price

The price of Nikken’s PiMag Sport Bottle (June, 2013) is $55 plus tax and shipping. If you carry it with you, you will begin to notice that you are saving a lot of money by the number of times you will fill up the water bottle. In addition, you will probably notice that you begin drinking more water, too!

Filter Water Testimonials

“I used to suffer from really bad asthma. My symptoms reduced substantially after I started using the Nikken products. Now I only drink Nikken PiMag water. Interestingly, it has happened a few times (before I had the Nikken Sport Bottle), that I had no choice but drink tap chlorinated water, and straight away, I could feel my asthma symptoms coming back.”- Solange Umo

Filter Water Bottle: PiMag Sport Bottle Video

Below, is a video which explains the features, benefits, and cost analysis of this advanced filtration filter water bottle. Although it is called the ‘sport’ bottle, it is designed with the average person in mind. After watching the video, be sure to read further down the page for more details about bottled water and the environment, the convenience factor, health, and a cost analysis.

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