PiMag Water: Nikken Waterfall System, Filter, Reviews

by Nadine Staaf

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PiMag Water Nikken Waterfall

PiMag water is best from the Nikken PiMag Waterfall. Filters are not expensive, and they don’t need to be changed often. Use my Nikken Promotional Code for 10% off your purchase.

PiMag Water System

PiMag water is, by far, my favorite water of all time. Do you drink PiMag water from the Nikken PiMag Waterfall? It’s the water that replaces bottled water, one hundred fold, in my life. I drink it all day and use it for a variety of other activities.

There must be other people who love PiMag water as much as I do, so I thought you may want to learn about some different ways you can use your water! Here are my favorite uses for my favorite water.

PiMag Water System Uses

Everyone who drinks PiMag water can tell you that drinking this filtered, alkaline, mineral, ionized water is not like drinking anything else. The best way I can describe the water is to say that it is lighter, more refreshing, and more fulfilling than any other water I have tried. If you only ever drink glasses of this water, I recommend you try drinking it in these ways, too:

pimag water for tea coffee juices kombucha

  • Make your coffee or tea with it. Yummm!
  • Use it to make your Kombucha
  • Add it to your other beverages for a more balanced alkalinity

PiMag Water for Your Cleanse

When you are doing a cleanse, don’t bother with tap water (tap water contains all the stuff you’re trying to cleanse your body of). Instead, invest in better water, either in the form of a NIKKEN Waterfall® or a PiMag Sport Bottle. The PiMag Waterfall is by far my favorite choice because it makes drinking enough water easier than ever. Although, if you are travelling, then the PiMag water Sport Bottle is definitely an addition to consider. The cool thing about this water is that it’s so clean that it’s kind of like cleansing on a daily basis.

PiMag Water Filter Promo

Buy Your Next PiMag Water Filters for 10% off by purchasing from my Nikken website with the promotional code 101525

PiMag Water for Painting

One of my favorite new things to do with the PiMag water is to paint with it. I paint in watercolor, mostly, and I find it to make for a smoother painting consistency. It makes sense, when you take chemicals out of water, the water changes.

PiMag Shower System

A PiMag water bath is better than going to the spa, in my opinion! All you need to do to run a PiMag shower system water bath is to pour the bath with the PiMag MicroJet Shower System instead of using the faucet. At home, my son calls bath time the “Sh-Bath”. It’s a shower and a bath combined. You’ve gotta love the sense of humor of a 7-year old.

PiMag Water Nikken Waterfall Filter

How important is the health of your water? Why PiMag water is better is seen in this photo I took of my old and new filter. Our bodies filter the water, if our water filter doesn’t. Go with the best and choose PiMag water from the Nikken Waterfall for 10% off with my Promotional Code.

PiMag Water for Plants

I would feel shameful giving my plants anything other than PiMag water now that it’s the only kind of water they have been given for over a year, now. My plants are vital and flourishing like they never were before!

PiMag Water for Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals

Pimag water for dogs cats pets animals

Animals are friends, and we would never give our friends poor quality drinking water, right? Animals love PiMag water. It’s a true story. For a long time, a neighbor of ours had a cat that would come to our house only to drink our PiMag water. I even have pictures!

Are you ready to buy the Nikken Waterfall? For 10% off your Waterfall or your next filter purchases, use my Nikken Promotional Code!

PiMag Water Bottle

There’s even a PiMag water bottle for drinking PiMag water, wherever you are. I prefer the Waterfall over the PiMag water bottle, but the PiMag water bottle is a great way to carry your water on the go!

PiMag Water System Reviews

We’re always adding reviews to our Nikken Testimonials page (link is above), so be sure to check that page often. Enjoy!

PiMag Water Technology video

PiMag Water: Nikken Waterfall System, Filter, Reviews

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Nadine Staaf is a Nikken Wellness Consultant serving USA and Canada with Nikken Products and a business opportunity in total wellness. See Nadine's full story Nadine Staaf's Nikken Story

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