Water Filter for Chloramine | Filter Drinking Water and Shower Water

by Nadine Staaf

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Use a Water Filter for Chloramine

Our bodies are made up of mostly water molecules, so it makes sense why people are becoming more aware that they really need to be drinking purified water in order to live the healthiest life possible.

We’re recommending the Nikken PiMag Waterfall as your water filter for chloramine because it simply offers more of what our bodies need on a molecular level. Continue reading for more information on the Waterfall and how  “living water” truly surpasses anything else on the market.

What is “Living Water”?

Nikken Waterfall water filter for chloramine Nikken Waterfall

Purify, energize, mineralize, alkalize your home and office.

Nikken has been in business since 1975 and they are a research and development company. Nikken developed their Nikken Waterfall to replicate “Pi water” which was discovered in a remote area in Japan and was shown to be highly beneficial on surrounding vegetation. The Waterfall is the newest version in Nikken water technology, which we enjoy in our homes on a daily basis, but the Waterfall is not Nikken’s first Pi water system. Years of research and development has been invested to create this beauty.

Nikken water filtration also includes minerals and magnets, which create a slightly alkaline water that is energetic in nature (the water molecules aren’t clumped together) so Nikken water is actually more easily absorbed by the cells in the body, the way water should be, like it is in moving streams in nature. Nikken water provides the body with ideal hydration.

What Does the Nikken Waterfall Actually Filter?

The Waterfall removes 99.4% of the Chloromine from water, plus a hefty number of other dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals and impurities. This filtration also removes mercury and, of course, chlorine. For all the specs, please watch the video, below, and take a look at this 3-page document, which shows all of the contaminants which are removed through the Waterfall filtration: Water Filter for Chloramine- Filtration Facts

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Use the Nikken Water Filter for Chloramine and Other Substances in Your Water

No Electricity Required

The Nikken Waterfall is gravity-filtered, so there isn’t an electrical cord or need to plug it in to a power source. This saves on electricity and also makes it an ideal water filtration option in the case of a power outage or natural disaster.

An Affordable Water Filter for Chloramine

For the highest level of filtration, Nikken suggests changing the filter on the Waterfall every 3 months. For a family of three, we change our filter about every 3.5 months. If you purchase several filters in one shipment then you can save money by reducing the number of shipments. The mineral stones only need to be changed once per year.

Nikken products are not sold in stores because Nikken is a direct sales company, so you can use my promotional code  to offset shipping an save a few extra dollars.

Tip: You can save a lot of money and your health by never purchasing bottled water. Fill containers with water for when you’re not at home and you will save a lot of money on buying bottled water. If you spend a lot of time in an office, then invest in a Nikken Waterfall for the office. Everyone can be better hydrated.

Use my promotional code 101525 in the checkout area of my website to see how much you will save (click on the USA or Canada flag for accurate price).

Nikken: Trusted Partner of Healthy Child Healthy World

water filter for chloramine healthy child healthy worldHealthy Child Healthy World is a US organization that advocates for a healthier, toxin-free world for children to grow up in. Nikken is a Trusted Partner of this organization and the Waterfall is just one of Nikken’s entire product line which meets their stringent standards. We’re very proud that the Waterfall doesn’t contain or leech potentially dangerous chemicals into our drinking water! Love it!

Water Quality Association & National Sanitation Foundation

Nikken water is given the Gold Seal in water quality by the Water Quality Association and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

gold seal approved by water quality association

National Sanitation Foundation Certified Nikken Water

I Can Answer Your Questions

You may have questions, so I welcome your email. Please head to my Nikken website and email me through the Contact form. I will respond as quickly as I receive your email and will happily find the answers you need to make your decision.

To your optimal health and hydration!

Your Nikken Independent Consultant,
Nadine Staaf 859695000


Water Filter for Chloramine | Filter Drinking Water and Shower Water

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