I have been volunteering and fundraising for organizations I care about, most of my life .  It has always entailed looking for the latest and greatest idea and then when every other organization starts doing the same thing, the idea gets stale and boring so we all go back to the drawing board.  Volunteers burn out and organizations struggle to make ends meet.  I don't believe it has to be this way so I have spent the last few years helping organizations earn their own funding using the NIKKEN Business Model.  The idea came to me when  I was fortunate enough to hear Muhammad Yunus at HEC School of Business in Paris.  Through his many books and public engagements he has entreated us all to start Social Businesses.

See www.woodwynnwellness.com  for one such Social Business addressing homelessness.  This idea was brought to the attention of a well known international business man who then had me interviewed on his Elite Radio Network. You can hear that interview at www.roxannereesinterview.com

Because the NIKKEN Business Model is so unique, I can  use the leverage principle to help fund several projects so that each builds on the previous.  Unlike other forms of fundraising the more organizations that jump on board the better.  Many organizations can work in cooperation with each other to earn their own funding.  So rather than ideas getting stale, this model remains vibrant and current for generations. This is far superior to the old paradigm of asking for handouts and fits beautifully with Muhammad Yunus' idea. 

My favourite project is www.spirigate.ca. Spirit Gate Farm is a Centre for Embodied Leadership with emphasis on Children, Animals and Nature.  A NIKKEN Model is the first Social Businesses at Spirit Gate to support the farm society. 

My mother would often quote Winston Churchill and I choose to honour her memory by this axiom 

 "We make a living by what we get - We make a life by what we give!"

We offer solutions to the very issues that drive Baby Boomers by offering a lifestyle and business model for thriving (not just scraping by) in the 21st century. Our model based on community, co-operation and connection with the health of our planet and future generations is foremost in our minds and how we honour the NIKKEN Founding Principle of "Humans Being More".

Contact: roxanne@roxannerees.com
Nikken Independant Wellness Consultant.




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